Travis Barker’s Single Tweet Since His Hospitalization Has Fans Extremely Worried

by Taylor Cunningham

Since news broke that Blink 182’s Travis Barker was hospitalized for mysterious reasons on Tuesday, social media has exploded with speculations and worried comments. And after the drummer sent out his own cryptic message, fans’ collective fears have gone into overdrive.

Yesterday afternoon, Barker headed to Twitter and posted three short words, “God save me.” And ever since, he and his family have been silent.

According to sources, Travis Barker was rushed to a Los Angeles area hospital on Tuesday with his wife Kourtney Kardashian by his side. And there are no clues as to what spurred the events.

TMZ captured photos of the 46 entering the West Hills hospital that morning. In them, a team of EMTs is transporting him via stretcher through the doors while his wife follows closely behind.

Since Barker was admitted, his daughter, Alabama, has taken to Instagram to ask followers for prayers. And his son, Landon, performed with Machine Gun Kelly at Madison Square Gardens. But fans shared that he looked troubled while on stage.

With no news coming from Barker or Kardashian, some people are assuming that he’s having complications from his past injuries. In 2008, Travis Barker was in a near-death plane crash that left severe burns over his body. Following the accident, the singer had 16 surgeries.

The crash also left him with ongoing pain and other issues. And to recover, he was forced to overcome prescription drug addiction in tandem.

There is also speculation that Barker may be dealing with COVID complications. As Page Six shared on June 23rd, Kourtney Kardashian announced that she had just recovered from the virus for a second time. So it is possible that her new husband came down with the illness himself.

Fans Assume the Worst As Travis Barker Remains Silent Over Hospital Stay

While Travis Barker struggled through recovery after his plane crash, he was transparent about the process. And because of that, fans assume that he would be comfortable sharing updates about his current health battle. Because of his silence, people are assuming the worst.

And hundreds of fans are praying that 2022 doesn’t take yet another life from the music world.

To add to the worry, the drummer’s friends have also sent well wished to Barker on social media. And it’s apparent that they are also in the dark about the situation.

Many colleagues in the industry have publically asked for updates on the hospitalization. While others, including his longtime friend and collaborator, Kid Cudi, have simply sent out support.

“Travis I love u and im prayin for u,” he wrote.