Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Rushes to Motley Crue’s Defense Over Viral Teleprompter Backlash

by Alex Falls

Motley Crüe frontman Vince Neil has come under fire recently for using a teleprompter during the band’s performances as part of The Stadium Tour currently taking them across the country. Photos of the singer using a teleprompter recently went viral and drew a lot of criticism from fans who accused Neil of taking it easy during performances.

Dee Snider, frontman of Crüe contemporaries Twisted Sister, put his own thoughts into the discussion. While he doesn’t use a teleprompter himself, he acknowledged it’s become an industry standard used by many bands.

Snider responded to Riki Rachtman, host of the iconic 80s metal TV show Headbangers Ball. Rachtman defended the use of a teleprompter in a Tweet saying, “So Motley Crüe used a teleprompter. Really who f***in cares. Did you have fun at the show? That’s what matters. A lot of bands have used teleprompters – STOP looking for reasons to criticise. Recorded vocals an artist not caring is bad, but teleprompters? Who cares?”

The Twisted Sister singer responded in kind and said, “True that! MOST bands are using teleprompters. Not me, but I didn’t kill a lot of my brain cells with drink and drugs (not a criticism. More of an explanation). STOP being so damn critical and just enjoy seeing the people you love on stage! Now lip synching is another story!”

Motley Crüe’s Tommy Lee Plays Through Injury

Motley Crüe is hard at work traveling across the country for 36 stops on their Stadium Tour. They’re co-headlining the tour with fellow 80s icons Def Leopard. Rounding out the show is even more 80s rock glory in the forms of Poison and Joan Jet & The Blackhearts.

Drummer Tommy Lee had a tough start to the tour by breaking four ribs just days before the tour was set to begin. Doctors ordered him to take it easy, but the show must go on. Lee played at least briefly before turning over drumming duties to his roadie, Tommy Clufetos.

Lee toughed out the injury as best as he could for the first several dates. Now, Lee is well enough to make it through an entire show and is back behind the kit full-time.

The band revealed that more than one million tickets have been sold for the highly anticipated tour. It had originally been scheduled to take place in 2020 but saw many delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The glam rock roadshow is on the road now and will officially conclude on September 9th in Las Vegas.