Valerie Bertinelli on What Eddie Van Halen’s Death Taught Her: ‘Love Always Wins’

by Caitlin Berard

In 2020, the world not only lost an irreplaceable music icon but Eddie Van Halen’s ex-wife and son lost a beloved member of their family. Though Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen divorced back in 2007, they stayed in contact because of their son, Wolfe, and eventually rekindled a friendship.

Sadly, shortly after this reunion, Eddie Van Halen died after a lengthy battle with cancer, with Valerie and Wolfie by his side. Now that two years have passed, Valerie Bertinelli appeared on the Today Show to discuss the events following Eddie’s passing.

When asked what she felt Eddie Van Halen’s death taught her, she had a touching response. “Love,” she said. “If there’s nothing else in this world, go back to that key point, that you know that you have it inside you. That you know that you feel for the people that are closest to you. That love, love always wins. No matter what. Even when they’re gone, there’s still that love there to be grateful for that you had.”

After this heartfelt explanation, Hoda Kotb remarked that Eddie and Valerie seemed to have a wonderful relationship, despite their separation. “Oh we had our bumpy moments,” Valerie corrected. “But near the end, we just… I wrote about it in the book because I just thought that it was something that people needed to hear. That no matter what you go through, you can always find your way back to love and forgiveness.”

“We were able to do that, gratefully. I wish he hadn’t died after that,” she added with a wistful laugh. “It would’ve been nice to spend some more time with him. But yeah, I was grateful that we had that.”

Valerie Bertinelli is ‘Happily Divorced’ After Separation From Second Husband

Two years after losing her first husband, Valerie Bertinelli parted ways with her second. After 11 years of marriage, Valerie filed for divorce from her husband, Tom Vitale, last month. And for Valerie Bertinelli, two ex-husbands is quite enough.

“I am gonna be more than happy to be happily divorced and spend the rest of my life alone,” she said. “I’ll be happy that way. Well, with my six cats and my dog and my son, and hopefully one day grandchildren.”

Though time will tell if Valerie Bertinelli ever finds love again, the actress seems certain that she’ll never actively seek it. When asked if she could see herself looking for love again, Bertinelli replied, “Oh God, no. Because of the challenges that I’m going through right now, because divorce sucks.”

“I can’t imagine ever trusting anyone again to let into my life,” she continued. “So I have some trust issues that I’m sure I’m going to have to get past.”