Walker Hayes Busted Out His Applebees Gold Card at His Anniversary Dinner

by Emily Morgan

When Walker Hayes and his wife thought about where they wanted to celebrate 18 years of marriage, they didn’t think twice.

There’s no doubt that his songs have mimicked his real life, and when he sang about going to “Applebee’s on a date night” in his viral “Fancy Like” song, he was dead serious. So it was no surprise when the singer and his wife, Laney, recently enjoyed a night out at Applebee’s to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

“So it’s no lie. Laney loves Applebee’s,” Walker Hayes told his followers in a clip he posted on Instagram while sharing a meal with his wife. “I was like, ‘Where you wanna go to celebrate year 18?’ She was like, ‘Applebee’s.’… She’s low-maintenance.”

As viewers see, the pair revealed what they like to get when they go to their favorite spot, such as getting two spinach dips, “Because I eat all of one,” Hayes says. But, jokes aside, Hayes also reflected on reaching the milestone with his wife. 

“I love me some Laney. She’s my best friend. Even when we’re fighting,” he sweetly notes, between bites of spinach dip. “We had a fight this weekend, and I was like, ‘Man, still my best friend.'”

The country music couple, who have been together since they were kids, may still have the occasional quarrel, but there’s one thing that makes it better: an Applebee’s Gold Card (and yes, it’s very much a thing.)

Walker Hayes pays for anniversary meal with Applebee’s gold card

After Walker Haye’s “Fancy Like” song came out, the popular chain restaurant wanted to thank Hayes for the free advertising and gifted the couple the card. So, of course, when the couple finished eating, they dropped the coveted card when the check came for their anniversary meal. However, in the video, Laney admitted feeling a little nervous about using the card. 

“Finna drop that Gold Card,” Hayes hilariously quipped from behind the camera as Lainey sits across from him holding the check. “I’m a bit embarrassed,” the singer’s wife said while giggling. “I mean, aren’t you? This thing legit weighs a lot.”

“Let me hear it hit the table,” Hayes joked before Laney dropped the card, resulting in a surprisingly loud clang. As a result, the couple couldn’t help but laugh. 

It’s unclear precisely what sort of discount the Hayes’ Applebee’s Gold Card gives them. There’s no mention of the mysterious Gold Card on Applebee’s website; however, they offered a gold ard for senior citizens, but that was discontinued in 2012. Per TheSeniorList.com, the special senior discount entitled patrons of the popular chain over 60 to 10-15% off their meal.

While we may not know what kind of deal the Hayes family got that night, there’s no doubt the pair had a great time celebrating at their neighborhood Applebee’s.