Walker Hayes Arranges Touching Moment for Fan With Autism: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan

Walker Hayes may love country music and Applebee’s, but he also loves to surprise his fans from time to time. The country music singer recently made his fan’s wildest dreams come true when Hayes surprised him with a special Meet and Greet at his show in Ausitn, Texas. 

Hayes is known for becoming an overnight sensation thanks to his catchy tune, “Fancy Like,” which tells the story of Hayes and his wife, Lainey, heading to Applebees for a date night. Once released, the track quickly rose to the No. 1 spot on the charts. 

The beloved song has impacted many people, including his fan Matt, who has autism. Matt, a massive fan of Walker Hayes, recently got a birthday surprise he’d never forget. 

In the clip posted to social media, his former first-grade teacher, Tara Tuchel, takes him to his favorite restaurant for his birthday and gives him a “Fancy Like” T-shirt. The clip quickly garnered millions of views. 

After both Hayes and the iconic chain restaurant saw the video, they started crafting a plan to gift their own special surprise to Matt. As a result, they planned a Meet and Greet for a show that Matt already had a ticket to. 

When Tuchel revealed the exciting news to Matt, he was overcome with emotion. In a clip, viewers can see an over-the-moon Matt as he calls his mom to tell her about the surprise. 

In a later video, viewers can see the special moment between Hayes and Matt. “I know you, brother Matt,” Hayes says before embracing him in a big hug. “I know it’s you. You’re my favorite video all year, of you in Applebee’s. Seriously, I watched you 1,000 times.”

The county star then asks if the shirt Matt is wearing is the shirt, which he is. 

Fan touches the heart of Walker Hayes

“Your joy is infectious,” Hayes tells Matt after telling him that he has shared his video with more than 100 people. Later, the two fast friends pose for a photo. Tuchel also shared several clips of their meeting. In another clip, Matt asked the signer if he really does go to Applebee’s. Hayes then shares the story of taking his wife there in high school. 

Hayes then reveals to Matt that he holds an exclusive Applebee’s gold card and even invites Matt to join him for an Applebee’s visit. 

In a third video, the smiles kept coming as Hayes signed a shirt for Matt, but he surprised him when he asked Matt to sign his shirt. Later, the “Country Stuff” singer wore the same shirt on stage and told the crowd about Matt. He even had the cameraman pan to Matt’s signature on the jumbotron.