WATCH: Big & Rich Take Sammy Hagar on Complete Tour of Their Nashville Homes

by Joe Rutland

When you can get country music stars Big & Rich together with rock music legend Sammy Hagar in Nashville, then it’s bound to be news. Well, this time we get a chance to see Alphin and Rich lead the “Red Rocker” on a tour of their homes. And these places are not your run-of-the-mill middle-class homes. No way. They are palatial mansions indeed. It

Taste of Country reports that “Big” Kenny Alphin has an 18,449-square-foot, eight-bedroom, eight-bathroom stone residence. What’s inside the place? Oh, just a few things. “Big” Kenny has a recording studio, a formal dining room, and a formal library. But wait, there’s more. He has a wine cellar that can hold up to 1,00 bottles. Sounds pretty good right? There’s much, much more, too, and you’ll see it in the video below.

But let’s not leave out John Rich here, OK? While Alphin has his place, Rich has another type of style to his. John Rich calls his 17,081-square-foot house Mt. Richmore. In it are 20 rooms with a pretty modern look to them. He has five bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, an elevator, and a private club. Well, enough about the details. Make sure and watch the video as there’s bound to be some fun here, too.

John Rich of Big & Rich Celebrates His New Hit Single

Big & Rich are, of course, staying busy with their musical careers. In fact, Rich celebrated his new single Progress hitting No. 1 on the Apple iTunes music charts. But if you are looking for him to release it like other country music singles, then you’d be wrong. Rich released the single on social media platforms Truth Social and Rumble. It would end up performing very, very well.

Back in 2021 on tour. the country music superstars managed to get their fans into a frenzy. How? Well, they ended up performing the truly American song God Bless America. Their crowds love to see these two perform together. When they get the chance to sing their hits or other songs, audiences just go wild for it. Big & Rich certainly know how to put on a show, too.

Hey, guess who hung out with John Rich for an episode of The Pursuit on Fox Business? None other than American Pickers star Mike Wolfe. There is even photographic evidence of both men being together. Actually, Rich would go on his Twitter account and share the image. Apparently, Mike’s hand is bandaged and we really do not know why. He is always busy looking for antiques and collectibles. Mike has hurt it doing that or something else. Anyway, seeing these guys together is always cool. But we don’t know if Mike can sing.