WATCH: Bon Jovi Leads Crowd in Singing Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney

by Megan Molseed

Rock legend Jon Bon Jovi takes a moment to honor fellow singer and music icon Paul McCartney during his New Jersey concert Thursday night. The memorable birthday moment surprised the former Beatle while he was on stage. As well as the 50,000 fans attending the concert at MetLife Stadium that evening.

Jon Bon Jovi Surprises Paul McCartney On Stage For A Surprise Birthday Celebration

During the recent concert, Paul McCartney was poised to perform the Beatles classic, Birthday for the crowd of fans attending the Thursday night performance. In his usual intro to the apt classic, the former Beatles heartthrob asks the crowd of over 50,000 fans if anyone in the audience has a birthday coming up. However, the rock legend is interrupted at this moment when Bon Jovi takes the stage; acknowledging one specific birthday in the house: Paul McCartney’s.

“I know it’s somebody’s birthday,” Bon Jovi quips in the touching moment. The rocker also presents Paul McCartney with some festive balloons to celebrate the musician’s 80th birthday.

Jon Bon Jovi Leads The Crowd In Wishing McCartney A Very Happy Birthday

As Jon Bon Jovi greets McCartney on the stage for the birthday surprise, he has a touching message for his friend and fellow musician. As do the fans in the audience, the Always singer adds.

“Welcome to New Jersey,” Jon Bon Jovi announces as he takes the stage.

“I have 50,000 people who want to sing Happy Birthday to you,” the music legend adds.

Of course, when it’s Paul McCartney’s birthday, you sing for the rock-n-roll icon. And, you sing even harder when you have another one of music’s superstars – like Bon Jovi – leading the sing-along!

It Was A Memorable Birthday Evening For Iconic Music Legend, Paul McCartney – And For the Rocker’s Fans!

After the rousing Jon Bon Jovi-led rendition of Happy Birthday was over, the musician set some festive balloons loose to the sky. However, this colorful bunch seemed to want to stick around…they ended up stuck to the roof of the stage as Bon Jovi said goodbye to the crowd.

But, the birthday wishes were far from over for the rock-n-roll legend during the Thursday concert. Later that night, The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, joins McCartney on stage. This appearance leads to the legendary musicians jamming out together on the stage for the evening. Of course, Springsteen takes a moment to send some touching birthday wishes in McCartney’s direction.

“Here’s to 80 more years of glory days,” The Boss announces as the duo wraps up on the stage.