WATCH: Brandi Carlile Narrates Tanya Tucker Documentary in New Trailer

by Jonathan Howard

She’s already done it in the studio and now Tanya Tucker is set to show the world the journey she took. Brandi Carlile is here to help, too. Leave it to Carlile to help honor one of country music‘s greatest. The Return of Tanya Tucker is here to show us exactly how the former teen star evolved and returned to put out, arguably, her best project. Working with producers Shooter Jennings and Carlile herself, While I’m Livin’ was a wild success in 2019.

Just when everyone had counted her out, she came back. And what a comeback it was. Two Grammy awards are proof enough of the success. Best Country Album and Best Country Song for “Bring My Flowers Now.”

“I have loved Tanya Tucker since I was eight years old,” Carlile said in the clip. “Tanya’s voice is in all of us that sing country music. And it’s time for us to do an about-face and recognize that.

“I want this record to be a renaissance period in her life,” the singer-songwriter-narrator says about that 2019 album.

Check out the full teaser trailer below for The Return of Tanya Tucker.

The documentary was directed by Kathlyn Horan, who is noted for her 2016 project The IF Project.

So, it feels like Carlile is the ultimate torchbearer for women in country music. She honors the history and traditions so well. From The Judds, Wynona and Naomi, to Tucker and more. And she was able to convince one of the biggest legends to embrace a sound they weren’t sure about.

“This album is Tanya Tucker, the singer, flaws and all. It’s not Tanya Tucker the entertainer, because the entertainer wants everything precise,” Tucker recalled Carlile telling her about the album.

Thank goodness she did.

Tanya Tucker Embraced the Rough Sound on ‘While I’m Livin”

This documentary is going to show some very intimate moments. The music-making process, especially one with the gravity of this 2019 album, can be very emotional. Getting to look at those behind-the-scenes moments is going to be something that every country music fan will want to see. Anyone who likes music, in general, should see this documentary.

Tanya Tucker is such an iconic figure in the story of the genre. At such a young age she was thrust into the spotlight and was able to well… until she wasn’t. Early success like hers is hard to follow up, and even though she’s put out music for 50 years it was hard to live up to that early success. While I’m Livin’ was written by Carlile for Tucker. As a story, an odyssey of the journey that she’s taken since she was that young teenager singing Delta Dawn.

So, keep an eye out, Outsiders. This is going to be a special documentary and something that will be well worth watching. With Brandi Carlile and Tanya Tucker involved, it has to be good, right?