WATCH: Brawl Breaks Out During Eagles Concert as ‘Take It Easy’ Plays

by Shelby Scott

Fans of the American rock band the Eagles missed the mark when the group performed their hit song “Take It Easy” earlier this week. While the Eagles took to the stage during a performance in London on Sunday, a massive group of concert-goers broke out into a brawl. Overall, it resulted in some pretty gnarly confrontations with security.

According to Variety, the band was performing at the British Summertime Festival in London’s Hyde Park at the time. The brawl ignited as the Eagles sang “Take It Easy.”

As many fans know, the song encourages its listeners to “just find a place to take your stand and take it easy.” However, a handful of angry concert-goers did the exact opposite.

As per the outlet, footage captured by Metro shows security guards shoving two of the brawlers to the ground. Another image captures a security guard grabbing a man by the neck. As if enough chaos hadn’t already ensued, the outlet reports several Eagles fans were seen throwing punches at other guards.

Meanwhile, additional security guards escorted multiple Eagles fans off of the premises.

Simultaneously, the Eagles continued on with their set. Footage shows the band in the background singing, “Come on baby, don’t say maybe.'”

Altogether, the entire situation is ironic. Topping things off, an uninvolved Eagles fan is heard in the background humorously stating, “You’ve got to take it easy!”

The brawl apparently took place in the venue’s VIP section, which, as such, was pretty pricey to get into. And therefore even pricier to get kicked out of. As per Variety, tickets cost about $485.

Don Henley & Jim Ed Norman Share a Working Relationship That Prefaces the Eagles

In launching their 2022 Hotel California tour, former bandmember Jim Ed Norman reunited with longtime colleague Don Henley. As the group took off on tour, Norman spoke out about his 50-year relationship with Henley. He also detailed his relationship with the band. The two share a deep-rooted history with the Eagles. But their partnership launched long before the iconic rock band made it big.

While attending North Texas State University, Norman pursued a career in music. In speaking about his first meeting with Don Henley, he explained that their first encounter took place when he decided to go for a leisurely stroll around campus. As he passed a handful of apartments, he heard Led Zeppelin music playing in one of the resident’s apartments. Knocking on the door, he handed one of the occupants an album of The Dillards’ stating, “Hey, you need to check this out.”

All in all, the meeting isn’t nearly as flashy as we might have hoped. However, nevertheless, the simple interaction marked the start of the musicians’ long professional relationship. Later, before joining the Eagles, both band members would help form a band called Shiloh, however, they broke up just a year later.