WATCH: Breland Shows Off His Pipes in Viral Beatles ‘Blackbird’ Cover

by Caitlin Berard

To call John, Paul, Ringo, and George once-in-a-lifetime musicians would be an understatement. Though they gave their final performance in 1969, their music can still be heard on any TV channel, in any store, and across a wide variety of radio stations and streaming playlists. Cue Breland.

In their all too short decade as a quartet, The Beatles created such incredible music that it transcended genre. From Ozzy Osbourne to Johnny Cash to Aretha Franklin, it seems every musician to ever pick up an instrument or microphone has performed The Beatles at some point in their career. It’s more uncommon to see a discography that doesn’t include a Beatles cover than one that does.

To this day, musicians of all genres cover The Beatles, including country stars like Breland, who went viral on TikTok with his vibrato rendition of the hauntingly beautiful Beatles track “Blackbird”. The cover was so popular, in fact, that he shared it on Instagram as well.

“I woke up to over 3 million views on this video on TikTok so figured IG might wanna hear it,” he wrote in the caption, with “CEO of no autotune” stamped across the video itself.

For Breland, one of the most important aspects of his music is putting his unique spin on familiar genres, songs, and sounds. “I’m making the musical equivalent of chicken-and-rice dishes,” he told Nashville Scene.

“Country’s often used to making chicken and rice with one seasoning. Instead, I’m sampling the whole cabinet of flavors. Ears are like palates to me, and I’m serving familiar dishes in ways that people haven’t experienced before.”

Country Star Breland Describes His Musical Influences

Like The Beatles, Breland defies genre with his music. He’s doesn’t just create country music; his songs are a unique hybrid of country, hip hop, R&B, gospel, and soul. As such, it’s no surprise that he credits artists across a wide range of genres with inspiring his taste and sound.

“Some of my biggest musical influences are Stevie Wonder, Rascal Flatts, Justin Timberlake, Nelly, and Drake,” Breland explained to Sounds Like Nashville. “Each of them has something that I like.”

“For me with Stevie, what I really love about him is the timbre of his voice and the control that he has when he’s singing,” he continued. “He can hit so many crazy notes but it doesn’t sound like he’s straining. He also has this vibrato at the end.”

“He’s got a certain tone in his voice that I’m always listening to and figure out how to add elements of it [to my singing]. There’s a warmth in it, but there’s power, control, and just a lot in there vocally.”