WATCH: Brett Eldredge Reflects on Debut of Album ‘Sunday Drive’ in Heartfelt Post

by Shelby Scott

Country music singer Brett Eldredge has seen plenty of success since releasing his first studio album Bring You Back in 2013. However, among his seven studio albums, Eldredge feels he’s seen the most personal success with his July 2020 release, Sunday Drive. In reflecting on that album during its two-year anniversary, the “Mean to Me” singer shared a special message for fans. Check it out.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Brett Eldredge excitedly wrote, “My album SUNDAY DRIVE was released 2 years ago today!!!”

He further detailed, “This album really changed my life in a lot of ways and helped me find the confidence to go deeper in my personal and musical journey.”

In sharing that experience, he also encouraged fans, “if you are ever wondering ‘what if’ ‘what if I made the album I really wanted to make, what if I took that job I always wanted to take’ make it, take it…following your beautiful dreaming heart, life’s short, but the stories last forever.”

Fans Share Love for ‘Sunday Drive’

Overall, the post, which received more than 10,000 likes, saw lots of love from fans. Plenty of commenters shared their love for the song “Sunday Drive” in particular, with multiple people admitting just how emotional the tune makes them upon hearing it.

“Sunday drive still makes me cry,” one of the singer’s followers wrote. “One of my favorite songs ever.”

Another said, “You are a beautiful storyteller and your songs personify that. Thank you for gifting us all with your talent!”

Sunday Drive prefaced Brett Eldredge’s current project which is Songs About You, which debuted last month. In speaking about his latest release, Eldredge said, “I’m so grateful for my journey here…I feel like in a lot of ways this record is the first time I’ve heard my full self, and I think when you hear it, you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s something really special, and I’ve poured a lot into it.”

Brett Eldredge’s Return to Live Shows Post-Pandemic Was Highly Emotional

As we’ve seen following the release of both Sunday Drive and Songs About You, Brett Eldredge has grown immensely as an artist. Perhaps that’s why then, when live music made its return post-pandemic, it caused him to break down during his first return to the stage. Last summer, “The Long Way” singer spoke about his first return to the stage and how, initially, he couldn’t feel anything following his performance.

“It’s something I have had to learn through the years,” he said in a previous interview. “How to deal with that major rush and then step away from it.”

That said, the pandemic caused Brett Eldredge to have to re-learn that entire experience and how to cope.

“I hadn’t experienced that for a couple of years. When I walked off the stage after probably playing my favorite show I’ve ever played, I’m pretty sure I was in shock…It was surreal.”

He shared that while he had planned to launch onto the stage and immediately begin singing, he instead broke into tears, speaking to the raw power live music really possesses.