WATCH: ‘Elvis’ Star Austin Butler Gives Jimmy Fallon a Crash Course in Dancing like The King

by Megan Molseed

Iconic rocker and music super-star Elvis Presley is no doubt an original. Not only is the sound of his voice one-of-a-kind, but his unique dance moves helped make Elvis the King-Of-Rock-N-Roll. Even nearly 45 years after the singer’s death. Now, Austin Butler, the man portraying Presley in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann biopic film, Elvis is helping bring the emblematic dance moves to late-night TV giving The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon some impressive Elvis-inspired moves.

Austin Butler Discusses What It’s Like To Portray A Music Icon – And Then Shows Off Some Impressive Moves

During the recent discussion with Fallon, Elvis star, Austin Butler opens up about what it is like portraying the rock-n-roll icon in the biopic film. Butler also shares some of the King’s dance moves that he learned while shooting the upcoming film.

“Elvis…didn’t do choreography in the way that Michael [Jackson] did,” Austin Butler tells the Tonight Show host during the interview.

“It was all the music moving him,” the Elvis star relates.

“And obviously there are signature things that he did that you have to be specific about,” the star continues in his interview. “But it was all about the way that the music moved him.”

And, it is at this point that the magic truly began in the segment.

After a brief discussion about the impressive Elvis dance moves, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon asks Austin Butler to show him some of the unique dance moves he learned while portraying the music legend in the upcoming film. Thankfully, Butler was all too happy to oblige the popular talk show host in his request!

Butler Receives High Praise For His Elvis Portrayal, Even Before The Long-Awaited Biopic Film Is Released Nation Wide

Elvis will be hitting theaters on June 24. However, there have been plenty of early screenings of the film, which have inspired early reviews. Most of them praise Butler for his unforgettable performance. According to reports, the Cannes film festival screening of the Baz Luhrmann film received a standing ovation.

“As for the big question of whether Butler could pull off impersonating one of the most indelible icons in American pop-culture history, the answer is an unqualified yes,” notes critic David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter.

“His stage moves are sexy and hypnotic, his melancholy mama’s-boy lost quality is swoon-worthy,” notes Rooney. Rooney adds that Butler “captures the tragic paradox of a phenomenal success story who clings tenaciously to the American Dream even as it keeps crumbling in his hands.”