WATCH: Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood Surprise FaceTime Fans After Concert

by Megan Molseed

When country music superstars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood show up for their fans, they really show up. The country music couple was in Buffalo this weekend for an unforgettable concert performance.

A performance where the duo no doubt wowed their fans – as they always do. But, some lucky fans got an extra surprise that night…a FaceTime call from both Garth Brooks and his wife, fellow country music icon Trisha Yearwood. Thankfully, the music icons teams were there to catch it all, sharing the fun moment on social media as the lucky fans got the call of their lives!

“Last night in Buffalo was AWESOME!” Garth Brooks exclaims in his weekend Twitter post.

“Then THIS happened!” the country music icon continues.

Garth Brooks’ New Feature, Gives Fans The Opportunity To Chat Face-To-Face With The Country Music Icon

Brooks’ post notes that he and Yearwood have been trying out a new feature where fans can text a number (GARTH) for the chance to win a surprise FaceTime call with the star. Apparently, this feature is working quite well! And some fans were surprised by a face-to-face with Garth and his wife.

“We’re trying this text GARTH to 44802,” Brooks continues in his Sunday tweet.

“[W]e made the surprise FaceTime after the show,” the Friends In Low Places singer adds. Additionally, the star notes that his night is even better after the call.

“Miss Heather made my night EVEN better!” the star exclaims.

Garth Brooks Has Been All Over This Summer With Impressive Studio Tour

Garth Brooks’ summer stadium tour kicked off in late June 2022, and the Ask Me How I Know singer has been non-stop ever since. After his recent Buffalo performance, the star is headed to Texas. This is where Brooks will perform in Arlington on July 30.

Much of this tour is sold out. However, fans can find plenty of information about the tour – and the dates on the singer’s website here. However, some fans don’t even have to buy their tickets to catch the country music legend’s concert. A Birmingham Uber driver snagged one of these coveted tickets from some fans earlier this summer while they were on their way to one of the shows.

Garth Brooks Goes Overseas For Final Stadium Tour Dates

Garth Brooks is taking his tour overseas in early fall as he and his crew head to Dublin Ireland in September. This five-night event takes Garth to the legendary Croke Park, where he will perform for the crowds in the thousands on September 9, 10, 11, 16, and 17. However, these performances are already all sold out.