WATCH: George Strait Celebrates National Tequila Day with Special Video Message to His Fans

by Shelby Scott

Heads up y’all. Sunday is National Tequila Day and with insanely hot temperatures plaguing the nationwide, I hope you’re celebrating in appropriate fashion. If not, the king of country music, George Strait, has a special message just for you and you can hear what he has to say below.

On Saturday, the “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” singer took to Twitter to remind fans of National Tequila Day. In the clip, he said, “Tomorrow is National Tequila Day, so why don’t y’all grab a bottle of Codigo 1530 and celebrate with me?”

He then poured himself a glass and toasted his fans. “Hasta la cruz,” he said, a meaningful phrase as well as a powerful line from his song, “Codigo.”

Fans took to the comments to assure George Strait of their plans to celebrate. Others asked for clues on where to locate a bottle of the tequila.

“The King has spoken, we must follow!” one fan quipped. “Codigo! Happy Tequila Day.”

A second George Strait fan shared, “I bought a bottle in Nashville in March and I have saved it for tomorrow.”

Others toasted Strait himself, responding, “Hasta la cruz.”

Aside from a bottle of George Strait’s Codigo 1530, fans might also want to take a listen to his song “Codigo” in honor of the special day. The upbeat song, whose video features bottles and shot glasses emblazoned with George Strait’s Codigo label, has a magnetic melody, with Latin musical influences perfectly responding to the twang ever present in many of the king’s tracks. Take a listen below.

George Strait Celebrates National Day of The Cowboy With Wrangler

Just as George Strait has become a hallmark in country music, Wrangler’s become one of the most popular names in denim. As one of the most durable brands in blue jeans, George Strait, as well as country music star Cody Johnson, partnered up with the clothing company to celebrate another important holiday, National Day of the Cowboy. Check out the powerful clip here.

Kicking off the promo, George Strait rhetorically asks, “What’s it mean to be a cowboy? Well, that’s a good question. But I think it comes down to the things that really matter.”

Among those things that matter is family, with the “Driveway” singer emphasizing the importance of “chasing your dreams [and] doing what you love.”

Other cowboys and cowgirls embodied the Wrangler state of mind, emphasizing other important life lessons in honor of Saturday’s celebration. ‘

“When you get bucked off, you pick yourself up and dust yourself off.”

In concluding the killer ad, George Strait stated, “Cowboy’s a state of mind.”

Country music fans took to the comments to share their love for the King, Cody Johnson, and all things cowboy. Following the Wrangler ad, one fan wrote, “cowboys and cowgirls make a pair of Wranglers look even better!!”

Others simply wished George Strait a very happy National Day of the Cowboy.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)