WATCH: Indiana School Janitor Absolutely Nails ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ Cover, Gets Shoutout From Steve Perry

by Craig Garrett

Steve Perry recently shouted out to an elementary school custodian for his amazing cover of a Journey hit. Richard Goodall of Terre Haute, Indiana, is a janitor for Davis Park Elementary School. For over 20 years, he has worked for the Vigo County School Corporation. However, his passionate rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin'” went viral in a massive way.

At the conclusion of the school year, fifth-graders and faculty members were holding a talent show to commemorate their graduation. At the end of the show, the teachers asked Goodall to step up to the mic to perform. Little did Goodall know that he’d reach a worldwide audience that included Steve Perry.

It was all organic,” Goodall told Fox News Digital. “I plugged in ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and I just started singing and that’s what it was.”The instructors at Davis Park are aware of Goodall’s abilities. Every year, they demand that he sing. Normally, he performs Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA. However, this year he picked Steve Perry’s iconic rock music classic. “I just wanted them to not stop believing and thinking they can do whatever they want,” Goodall said.

According to Goodall, Mariah Denehie, a woman who works with one of the Davis Park students with special needs, posted a video of her performance on TikTok.

@mdenehie #fyp #schooljanitors #blowhimup #blesshissoul #amazing ♬ To use this video in a commercial player or in b – Mariah Elizabeth Den

Steve Perry notices the viral performance

While he was singing, Goodall noticed Denehie with her phone out, implying she was either taking pictures or filming him. While Goodall was cleaning and waxing the school floors the next day, Denehie informed him that the video was on TikTok. The video had nearly 107,000 views already. “I’m looking at her like, ‘OK, is that good?’” Goodall joked. “And she goes, ‘I’ve never had that many.’” Of course, the video was just warming up. “By the end of the weekend, it was at like a million,” Goodall explained. The video has now been viewed more than 3 million times.

Goodall had no expectations that the clip would go viral. “I’ve never had this kind of response,” Goodall said. “I don’t know what to think of all this.” The performance made its way to Steve Perry. Of course, the legendary crooner is the former lead singer of Journey. He also co-wrote “Don’t Stop Believin.'”

“I love this,” Steve Perry wrote on Twitter. He also made the same comment on TikTok. Goodall reposted this to his own profile. “Love your music, sir,” Goodall wrote. “Thank you for commenting this means much to me! Thank you.”

Richard Goodall decided to capitalize on the viral hit and attention. He auditioned for the competition show The Voice. Sticking with what works, Goodall performed the Steve Perry hit for the coaches. However, they were not moved by his performance of “Don’t Stop Believin.” He was soundly rejected.

Goodall is not sure if he will audition for another competition show. He compared the sudden fame to a roller coaster. “When you first start out, you hear that clank, and then you hear clink, clink, clink — and then you just start going up. It feels like I’m going up and I’m not sure what’s going to come after that. It’s just kind of a wild ride that I’m not used to.”