WATCH: Jason Aldean Performs ‘The State I’m In’ During CMT’s Campfire Sessions

by Emily Morgan

Jason Aldean took us back to the basics when he recently performed his heartbreaking song, “The State I’m In,” during CMT’s Campfire Sessions.

Although we’re used to seeing him rock out with a live, honky-tonk band, for this performance, Aldean opted for a smaller backing band. As a result, the concert was in an intimate setting. Aldean strums his guitar and sings the tune as a campfire crackles in front of him. Check out the show below. 

Aldean includes his song, “The State I’m In,” on the long-awaited album dubbed Georgia. The record also marks the completion of his double album Macon, Georgia. The LP features 15 tracks, including the new breakup tune he performed for the CMT Campfire Sessions. 

Will Bundy, John Morgan, and Jaron Boyer co-penned the song, which plays on the dual metaphor of one’s breakup and the various landmarks in the US. It finds the narrator moving from town to town and bar to bar, just living their best life following a split. At least, that’s what the narrator wants their old flame to believe. 

“I been kicked back in the sand on an Alabama beach
Shut down every bar on Bourbon Street 
Colorado on a cloud nine high
But I’m back in town just for the night
I been out in Nevada, put it all on black 
Me and these boots been all over the map.” 

However, as listeners will hear, this individual clearly hasn’t moved on from their former love. They make it clear in the song that they want those around her to “tell her that’s the state I’m in.” 

Jason Aldean kicks of Season 2 of CMT’s Campfire Sessions

“The State I’m In” appears on Georgia, the second half of Aldean’s Macon, Georgia LP, which Aldean released in April. The peach state native released Macon in November 2021 and featured Aldean’s hit duet “If I Didn’t Love You,” which features powerhouse country singer Carrie Underwood.

Ahead of the album’s release, he also teased several tracks to get his fans excited, including “God Made Airplanes,” “Whiskey Me Away,” “Rock and Roll Cowboy,” “My Weakness,” and “Trouble With a Heartbreak.”

On Friday, July 15, CMT Campfire Sessions officially returned for its Season 2 and kicked things off with Jason Aldean leading the pack. 

Country music fans will get seven new episodes featuring some Outsider-approved country artists performing some of their tunes. Following Aldean, viewers will see performances from Brandy Clark, Old Dominion, Little Big Town, and many more.

The CMT Campfire Sessions shows country music’s authentic, no-frills nature. The series gives fans a stripped-down setting for artists to give their fans a deeper look into some of their biggest hits. With the intimate setting, it’s almost like we’re getting a private show equipped with a smaller band and a burning campfire.