WATCH: John Williams Reveals Theme Music From ‘Indiana Jones 5’

by Craig Garrett

Legendary composer John Williams surprised fans with new music from the upcoming 5th installment of the Indiana Jones franchise. On Friday, at his Maestro of the Movies concert in Los Angeles, Williams debuted “Helena’s Theme.” This is a track he crafted for Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character in the 2023 movie. A fan, Charles Ozeas, posted footage of Williams unveiling the musical piece to his Youtube channel.

It may seem premature to perform the track in public. After all, the new Indiana Jones flick isn’t due until the summer of 2023. However, John Williams said that the film’s director James Mangold, encouraged the master composer to do so. “Jim said, ‘Why don’t you play it at the Bowl next week?'” Williams said to the crowd before playing the new track. “I said, ‘Jim! The picture’s not coming out until next year!'” Mangold, who also directed 2017’s Logan, insisted that Williams perform the new piece regardless. “That doesn’t matter. Play it at the Bowl anyway,” Williams reported Mangold saying.

John Williams not only described Waller-Bridge but also her character—whose name was unknown to the public before his show. He went on to explain how the song is a reflection of her adventurous personality.”She’s also a femme fatale. She’s many, many things,” Williams said. “She has a kind of lyrical music like an old movie star, which she looks like, except she’s young and beautiful and wonderful.” These are some of the first details the public have been given about the new character. “Here is ‘Helena’s Theme,'” Williams declared. “Like, six months too early.”

John Williams is as Prolific as ever at age 90

Filming on Indy 5 finished back in February. The completed film is expected to hit theaters in summer of 2023. Along with Waller-Bridge and series star Harrison Ford, the movie will also co-star Mads Mikkelsen,  Thomas Kretschmann, and Boyd Holbrook. Rounding ou the cast is Shaunette Renée Wilson, Toby Jones, Antonio Banderas, and Olivier Richters. This is expected to be one of John Williams’ final film scores, as he’s supposedly retiring soon. At age 90, with dozens of iconic themes to his name, he’s certainly earned it.

An early collaboration of Williams and Steven Spielberg is currently back in theaters. The blueprint for the modern blockbuster, Jaws grossed over 260 million dollars domestically in 1975 (topped by Star Wars 2 years later). On a budget of only 7 million, this was a mammoth success. Though many accolades for then-newcomer Spielberg followed the film’s success, the director is quick to credit a collaborator. “Of course, without the iconic score of composer John Williams, the film just wouldn’t be the same,” Steven Spielberg said in the notes to the original Jaws LP. “In doing the score for Jaws…John Williams has really outdone himself. The soundtrack is a stunning symphonic achievement and a great leap ahead in the revitalization of film music as a foreground component for the total motion picture experience…He has made our movie music more adventurous, gripping and phobic than I ever thought possible.”