WATCH: Lady Gaga Hit in the Head With Flying Object During Toronto Performance

by Caitlin Berard

After two years of delays due to pandemic restrictions, Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Tour finally hit the road in July. Thus far, the long-awaited tour has been a massive success. However, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for the pop music icon, who’s had multiple objects thrown at her in the first six shows alone.

On August 6th, the singer arrived in Toronto for her sole Canadian performance of the tour. As always, Lady Gaga was giving her fans an incredible performance, but things almost took a dangerous turn.

While the singer performed “Hold My Hand,” fans were horrorstruck to see an object flying through the air from the crowd toward the stage. The object then struck Lady Gaga directly in the head, but the singer was unfazed, continuing her stellar performance with a smile as if nothing had happened.

Jo Shelton, a devoted fan who was in attendance, caught the entire ordeal on her phone. In a subsequent interview with Fox News, Shelton described the shocking event while heaping praise on her favorite singer.

“[Lady Gaga] was so passionately into that performance there was nothing that was going to stop her,” the impressed fan gushed. “She carried on like a complete professional.”

Social Media Responds to Lady Gaga Concert Incident

Unsurprisingly, the video made its way to Twitter, at which point Lady Gaga fans around the world expressed their disgust for the incident. “How do some fans think this is okay… This is so dangerous and sad,” Jo Shelton wrote in her post sharing the video.

“Yes, let’s show Gaga we love her by throwing something at her head while she’s singing an emotional song and surrounded by fire,” Shelton added later in the thread. “This is so disrespectful. Fans should stop throwing stuff and if they really want to give something, write a letter and don’t throw things so high,” another disappointed fan replied.

Even more unsurprisingly, ardent Lady Gaga fans tracked down the culprit, who had posted his plans to throw the plush on stage earlier in the day. “From Mexico to Toronto!” he wrote, including pictures of the plush with “Mexico still loves you,” written across its tiny coat.

Should he have thrown the doll at Lady Gaga? Probably not. He risked harming her or others with the flying Dr Simi. According to Gaga’s Mexican fans, however, he had no ill-intent with the plush, it was a sign of adoration. “It’s a Mexican tradition to throw a Dr Simi plushie at the stage as a gift,” one fan explained. “I’m pretty sure they weren’t aiming at her face. Sorry Gaga, they were trying to show some love.”