WATCH: Lainey Wilson Goes Shopping for a New Riding Lawn Mower

by Emily Morgan

When Lainey Wilson sang, “I gotta find a field, I need to spin my wheels,” she may have been singing about the mower of her dreams.

While we know the country music singer has a “Heart Like A Truck,” however, that heart was recently stolen when she found her new lawn mower at her local Tractor Supply. On Thursday, the Louisiana native couldn’t contain herself when she went to the store to pick up a new riding lawn mower.

“I’m so excited, I found my mower,” she said in the beginning of the clip. “I’m not going to have to get goats anymore to cut my grass.” In the clip, you can see her testing out the mower, rocking her signature country look with maroon-colored bell bottoms, ’60s style hat, and oversized sunglasses.

“It’s a Club Cadet 54-inch… yard gonna be lookin’ good, let’s go,” she proudly says as she gets ready to bring her new baby home.

Of course, Wilson couldn’t leave without getting her a new trailer. However, she proved to viewers didn’t need someone to help her hook it up to her truck. Instead, Wilson proved she embodies her hit song, “Things A Man Outta Know.”

In the caption along with the clip, she wrote: “There ain’t no breaking when I throw it in drive. You best bet imma mow straight lines. I got a heart like a mower. @tractorsupply #lifeouthere

Soon after posting, Tractor Supply replied, thanking her for buying the new mower and hinting that they think she should keep the goats.

“Yes, we think you might still want to get some goats too,” the official Instagram account of Tractor Supply penned in the comments. “Thank you for stopping by the store Lainey!!!”

Lainey Wilson talks the power of triumph in her new single

While Wilson is enjoying her Christmas in July moment with her new mower, she’s also reflecting on the impact of her new single, “Heart Like A Truck.” In a recent interview, the songstress discussed the meaning behind the tune.

Using the truck metaphor, Wilson sings of the power of resilience in the song.

“‘Heart Like a Truck’ is a song about finding freedom and strength, and not being scared of the scars and the dents and the bumps along the way,” she said in a recent interview. “At the end of the day, that’s what builds character.”

If there’s one thing Wilson knows a thing or two about, it’s resilience. When she first showed up in Nashville, she lived in a camper for three years as she chased her country music dreams.

Fast-forward to today and now Wilson has not one— but two— No. 1 country singles out right now.

However, the music video for her new single doesn’t revolve around Wilson’s previous struggles. Instead, viewers see Wilson on a ranch, where she plays a young ranchhand struggling to become a horse handler.

“It’s telling a story about a ranch girl who’s got a lot to prove to herself and everybody else,” the singer described. “And in the end, she does it. It’s a song about triumph. It’s a video about triumph.”