WATCH: Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant Surprises Fans With On-Stage 74th Birthday Celebration

by Tia Bailey

Legendary rock band Led Zeppelin may have split, but some members are still going strong. Frontman Robert Plant surprised fans this week during his concert.

Plant performed with Alison Krauss in Stateline, Nevada on his birthday. During the set, his son Logan, 43, walked onstage with his kids and wheeled out a birthday cake decorated with balloons the color of Plant’s favorite soccer team — the Wolverhampton Wanderers. Once onstage, Logan led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to his 74-year-old father.

A fan posted a video of the sweet moment on YouTube.

Fans loved the moment. One fan commented on the video, saying: “This is so heartwarming. Glad Logan and his kids came to wish his dad a Happy birthday. Love you Robert.”

Another fan wrote: “What a great vid. Logan looks very well. And Robert’s grandchildren. Happy Birthday to Robert. My fav singer of all time, from the greatest band that ever walked the earth.”

Plant began his solo career in 1982, having released 11 studio albums since. Led Zeppelin has had a handful of reunions, but the members mostly focus on their own solo careers. The band consisted of members Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham. The band was formed in 1968 and broke up 1980 after Bonham’s death.

Fans still love the band and follow the members to this day. Their experimental sound that consisted of several genres, mostly rock, gave Led Zeppelin a large fanbase quickly.

Fans Wish Led Zeppelin Alum Robert Plant a Happy Birthday

Fans took to social media to wish Plant a happy birthday. DW Culture’s Twitter account tweeted out: “Robert Plant turns 74 today. As the lead of Led Zeppelin, he has sold more than 300 million albums. He’s also an accomplished solo artist and harmonica player. Fans will be sending a “Whole Lotta Love” to the rock legend today. Happy birthday, @RobertPlant.”

A fan shared a photo of a classic 70s/80s hairstyle on an older photo of Plant, writing: “Robert Plant, his birthday was yesterday, and he still rocks this hair style in his 74th year.”

Plant recently shared his thoughts on a potential Led Zeppelin reunion. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he said: “Going back to the font to get some kind of massive applause… It doesn’t really satisfy my need to be stimulated.”

When asked if this opinion makes him feel like “an outlier among his classic-rock peers,” Plant responded: “I know there are people from my generation who don’t want to stay home and so they go out and play. If they’re enjoying it and doing what they need to do to pass the days, then that’s their business, really.”