WATCH: Luke Bryan Belts ‘Strip It Down’ for 85-Year-Old Grandma in the Front Row at His Concert

by Lauren Boisvert

While on his Raised Up Right Tour, Luke Bryan made a woman’s dreams come true. Her grandchildren gathered around her in the crowd with a sign that read “Luke, Strip It Down For Grandma’s 85th Birthday!” and Luke Bryan delivered. On Instagram, he posted a video of the encounter at his show in Bristow, Virginia. With grandma in the pit holding his beer for him, he sang “Strip It Down” directly to her, giving her a warm hug at the end.

It’s that kind of good guy behavior that makes us love Luke Bryan. He captioned the video, “[Two Lane Brewing] is for anyone above the age of 21. Including grandma. Love ya Bristow.”

Luke Bryan is always doing fun stuff like this, because he’s just generally a fun guy. His Farm Tour is a testament to that, as he does it because it’s a great time, but also because it benefits farmers and local communities. He’ll be kicking off those six dates in September, and plans to lift up agricultural communities and show them a good time this Fall.

Luke Bryan Stops Concert to Break Up Fight

Good Guy Luke Bryan is at it again. Recently, he had to briefly stop his performance in Youngstown, Ohio when a fight broke out between two individuals. He stopped the show, and addressed the two who were caught throwing hands.

“I mean, why the hell were y’all fighting during ‘Buy Dirt,’ this isn’t Limp Bizkit or nothing or freaking Gwar,” he said. “Somebody got the s–t knocked out of them. I saw it. Chill out, find a joint or something, smoke a joint. I know y’all got that s–t.” 

He called them out for fighting on his birthday night, as well, as his 46th birthday was the next day. “Dude, man, bro, dude, did you see those people upset bro? It’s my birthday night, no fighting on my birthday! Damn crazy ass Buckeyes, I get it.” 

Luke Bryan stayed cool during the fight and after. He continued the show in his usual good-natured fashion, interacting with the crowd, performing all the hits. He even took his boots off at one point, walking around barefoot on stage. Bryan kicked off his tour on June 9th, and is planning to go until October, with a break in the middle for Farm Tour. It seems that, for his birthday, the best gift was to let him perform for people who love him.

“My favorite place to be is on stage performing to country music fans,” said Luke Bryan. “So thankful every night when I walk out on that stage and know you are there to have a blast along beside me. It never gets old!”