WATCH: Luke Bryan Rings In the 4th of July with New ‘Country On’ Performance Footage

by Suzanne Halliburton

There’s nothing like drinking a cold beer and singing along with Luke Bryan to celebrate the nation’s birthday. So Country On, y’all.

Bryan, the country music superstar, released a special song, “Country On,” that’s equal parts patriotism and twang, to coincide with the Fourth of July weekend.

And Bryan posted a snippet of “Country On,” his new blue-collar anthem, on his Instagram, Monday afternoon. It’s footage from one of his most recent concerts. And it’s obvious the crowd loves the new single. Bryan, the American Idol judge, leads the crowd in “hey, hey, U.S.A, we ain’t seen our better days … hell naw.”

Although the song, officially, is only four days old, you can definitely tell a whole lot of folks will be singing “Country On” when they’re driving to and from work this week. It feels like a summer hit.

Luke Bryan Released Perfect Song for Fourth of July

As we said, Luke Bryan released the song on July 1. That’s also the day he started filming the music video, which features first responders. The Nashville Police Department tweeted some snaps from the video shoot last week.

In an interview with Taste of Country Nights, Bryan acknowledged that the song has a patriotic vibe. That’s by design.

“It’s obviously got a little bit of patriotism in it,” Luke Bryan said. “It’s got a lot of country pride in it. The hard-working men and women out there, across the United States, I think it speaks to them really well.”

“When I heard it, it kind of tickled my ear,” he said. “And then I kept listening and kept listening and then as I started thinking about other songs on the album that I’m building … I was like, ‘Man, this thing just settles in so amazing.'”

Luke Bryan performs in Las Vegas earlier this year. (David Becker/Getty Images for ACM)

Songs Celebrates All Working People

In “Country On,” Bryan sings to farmers, truckers, cops, soldiers, cowboys, bartenders, firemen, his hometown and to Nashville, the country music city. He certainly checks all the working class boxes. He’s urging workers everywhere to carry on, making the country great. Except it’s country on.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

“Hey fireman, boys and girls in blue, we could sure use a lot more like you, you come runnin’ in anytime, anything goes wrong. Country on. Hey soldier, wherever you might bе, hats off to keepin’ us free. All our thoughts and prayers ’til you get back home. Country on.”

Luke Bryan didn’t mention his specific plans for the Fourth, although we’re assuming he’s humming some Country On. But he recently talked about the theme of his Independence Day celebrations.

“My plans for the Fourth are always to be on the boat somewhere on the water,” Luke Bryan told radio station KSJB. “And buy fireworks, send ’em up in the sky for the boys, but it’s always a boat and water, whether it’s in the Gulf of Mexico, whether it’s in Georgia. We don’t have a total plan yet, but we’ll be having a good time on the Fourth.”