WATCH: Luke Bryan Takes a Tumble During North Carolina Performance, Plays It Off Perfectly

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes being a country music star isn’t so easy, now is it? Luke Bryan learned the hard way recently at a North Carolina show. Look, we all love a great pair of cowboy boots, but a stage can be a slippery place for a cowboy. And, of course, it happened with one of his biggest tracks from the album Crash My Party.

While the 45-year-old country singer was performing “That’s My Kind of Night” he started to get a little wild. He must have had a good pre-concert warm-up and was feeling loose. As he danced on the stage, halfway joking, he started to get more into it as the song went on.

Luke Bryan Gets Knocked Down…

Unfortunately for Luke Bryan, he maybe shook it a little too hard. He hit a wet spot on the stage and ended up on his butt. After a couple of hilarious seconds went by, he went back into the song and picked up like nothing happened as he laid down on the ground. Then, he started moving his hips again.

You just gotta see this for yourself. Check out the video below and see it for yourself.

But He Gets Up Again…

He was so dedicated to the bit (and the stage was too wet for his friend to help him up) that he lay there and just played through the song. Eventually, the camera guy got invested too, and got a better angle on what was going on. You can see the aftermath in this next video. Yes, he did eventually get up all by himself. So, don’t worry.

For the country music star, it’s been a wild few days leading up to that North Carolina concert. His new single “Country On” has been making the rounds and he played it for the first time on the Fourth of July weekend. I’m sure it’s an exciting time in the life of Luke Bryan. So, let him roll around on the floor and channel his inner Angus Young.

You Are Never Gonna Keep Him Down

For the last decade and a half, Luke Bryan has been everything that is fun about country music. Even if you aren’t his biggest fan, he has one song or something that you know is good and it’s catchy and it makes you want to smile or laugh or party. That’s what he does, well part of what he does. And whether he’s falling on stage or whatever, he’s probably never going to fall from the graces of country music.

He’s a household name, from his own music to judging American Idol and all the other things that he does – Luke Bryan is here to stay. His new single is out now and already climbing the charts as it heads into its second week on the radiowaves.