WATCH: New Clip From Upcoming ‘Elvis’ Movie Captures The King’s Iconic Dance Moves

by Shelby Scott

Elvis marked his place in history as The King of Rock and Roll, however, his dance moves became just as iconic as his music, both of which have withstood time. Now, with Warner Brothers set to debut the all-new “Elvis” movie next month, the below trailer captures the dynamism of The King’s legendary dance moves in a way we’ve never quite seen. Check it out.

The above clip features a young Elvis at the roots of his career. In a moment, we watch as the character finds his footing as The King of Rock and Roll, his hair a commodity for his career, second only to his trademark dance moves.

Donning a pink and black suit, the clip shows Elvis Presley’s transition from a “skinny boy” out of Memphis, Tennessee into a “superhero.”

The upcoming “Elvis” movie, set to premiere in theaters on June 24th, 2022 features Austin Butler as the music icon. Beside him is Hollywood icon Tom Hanks, cast in the role of Elvis Presley’s longtime manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Austin Butler’s last significant role saw him as Tex Watson in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

Forbes reports the brand new “Elvis” film is set to position itself as the de-facto “big movie for grown-ups” this summer.

Elvis Presley Starred in More than 30 Films but Never Watched Any of Them

While Elvis remains a pop culture icon well into contemporary entertainment culture, he never actually possessed an invested interest in watching any of his films.

Throughout his career, Elvis Presley starred in 31 full-length films and also two documentaries. However, despite being a hit on the big screen as much as on the radio, it’s interesting to know The King never really watched his own films.

Danny Smith, son of The “All Shook Up” singer’s cousin Billy, explained Elvis didn’t actually want to see himself on screens.

“I’ll put it this way from what I understand from Mom and Daddy,” Smith said, “he didn’t [watch them].”

He continued, “I mean I’m not saying that he hadn’t at one time or another, but he just didn’t do it.”

Smith also spoke to Elvis films in relation to his iconic Tennessee home.

“[A]s far as anything being at Graceland and being around as a child and a teenager, I’ve never seen any of Elvis’ movies or concerts or anything on the TVs or anything out there.”

Is there a defining reason why The King of Rock and Roll never watched his films? Not according to Danny Smith. But, with the new film coming out, and with Austin Butler already portraying the king in a dynamic, thrilling manner, we can’t help but wonder if Elvis would stop and watch this upcoming blockbuster.