WATCH: New Trailer Revealed for Reba McEntire’s Upcoming Movie, ‘The Hammer’

by Chris Piner

Raised with three other children in Oklahoma, Reba McEntire’s life appeared to be as normal as any other. But thanks to her mother nurturing Reba’s singing talent, the little girl grew into an icon in country music. Although landing over 100 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart is a massive achievement in itself, the singer went on to sell 75 million records worldwide and even star in movies and television shows. At only 67 years old, Reba continues to prove herself a top talent in the entertainment industry. Not to mention she owns numerous businesses as well. And her latest venture appears to be a Lifetime movie called The Hammer, which recently released its first trailer. 

No matter what the outlet is, when it comes to Reba McEntire, she never disappoints, showcasing both her range and sparkling personality. In The Hammer, Reba portrays Kim Wheeler, who happens to be a traveling judge. She is appointed to the 5th District of Nevada after the former judge supposedly passed away, but the circumstances around the death are questionable to say the least. Although parts of the story are fabricated, Reba does play a real-life judge on the traveling circuit name… Kim Wheeler. 

Due to Kim Wheeler’s strict demeanor and no-nonsense attitude, she eventually gained the name The Hammer, which led to the name of the film. Just in the trailer alone, the reasoning for the nickname is clear as a police officer pulls a weapon on Reba McEntire during a traffic stop. Not afraid of the unprofessionalism of the officer, Reba controls the entire altercation and surprisingly receives an apology during the process.

Reba McEntire Hopes For A Revival Of Reba

Sharing the screen with Reba McEntire are two people who are the closest to her, her boyfriend Rex Linn and former co-star on Reba, Melissa Peterman. Besides starring in the main role of The Hammer, Reba also served as the executive producer on the film. 

As for the hit show Reba, the singer admitted a few weeks ago that she continues to try and revive the show. “We’ve really been trying hard to do a reboot of the Reba show. I really want to work with the people that I got to work with during that six and a half years. It was fun, the cast the crew everybody we got to work with and play with, they were wonderful people. We wanted to get back together like a reunion and have fun, so hopefully that will happen one day.”

Proving that Reba McEntire’s persona is more than just a show for the cameras, a former cast member on Reba, JoAnna Garcia Swisher described her as a powerful force. “She’s so powerful because she walks the walk. I get so excited when people ask me how she is. I’ll happily go on glowingly about this woman. She’s so strong even in uncertain moments, and she’s super grateful and gracious and kind. I really wouldn’t take her in a dogfight. Don’t underestimate her. She’s so strong. But I think she would win that dogfight not by beating the crap out of you. She would [with], you know, love. She’s just a really special human.”