WATCH: Randy Travis Sings ‘Deeper Than the Holler’ in One of His Final Performances

by Jonathan Howard

It’s been the better part of a decade since Randy Travis suffered his stroke and lost his ability to sing. Still, his music lives on. For real-deal fans of the country music star, More Life is must-watch material. It did give us some of his last performances ever and that includes his classic Deeper Than the Holler. You’re gonna wanna listen to this.

It’s been so great seeing Travis get out more often and be celebrated by other artists old and new. But wind the clock back and watch performances like this… it’s enough to send chills down your spine.

When you think about the country music resurgence that the 1980s and 90s had – you think of Randy Travis. He was discovered at a young age, failed a little early on, but kept at it until he broke through. Nashville can be unforgiving sometimes, and Travis learned that firsthand before his first big break. Perhaps that’s what makes him such a great singer-songwriter.

Deeper Than the Holler is a classic. Basically a perfect country song. By the time it came out, Travis was already well established in the industry. In fact, it was his eighth overall and sixth consecutive No. 1 single on the country music charts. Certified Platinum, it might be his most well-known track.

Around the same time, Randy talked about “great songs.”

“Great songs do always find a home,” he said. “I have been very, very fortunate in these 25 years of making records to have some incredibly well-written songs find that home with me. That’s special. That’s really special.”

You know, after all of his years in the business, Randy Travis knows a thing or two about good songs, wouldn’t you think?

Randy Travis Says the ‘Business it Starts With the Song’

When those recordings were made, Randy Travis had been doing the country music thing for 25 years. That’s a long, long time. His start in the industry wasn’t easy, but he became a legend. When it comes to writing good songs, who knows better than a guy like this country music superstar? He broke it down on that episode of More Life.

“If you look at the music business it starts with the song,” Travis explained. “You’re not going to succeed at all unless you have that caliber of songs that touches people. I don’t care if it’s a novelty-type song.” Then he restated. “It has to be something that resonates with people.”

Over the years, Randy Travis made his name. He put out a hell of a lot of great songs, and thankfully we have all of those to look back on and listen to again and again. Seeing him be celebrated the way he deserves is something really special as well. Truly, one of a kind.