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WATCH: ‘The Voice’s Blake Shelton Gives Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time’ Tiktok Dance Trend His Best Effort

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Sarah Kerver/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

On Tuesday (May 10th), longtime “The Voice” judge Blake Shelton took to his Instagram to share a video of him giving Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” TikTok dance trend his best effort.

“Did I do this right?” Blake Shelton wrote as the caption. The video shows him dancing to the hit single from Lizzo and yes, there’s a lot of smiling involved.

Fans of “The Voice” judge joined in on the fun by cheering on his efforts. “Another day, another slay king,” one of Blake Sheldon’s fans declared. Another wrote, “Looks like signals you use for someone who is parking your tractor.”

NBC’s “The Voice” Instagram account also cheered on Blake Shelton by writing, “This is great,” with a cry-laughter and clap emoji. 

Lizzo released “About Damn Time” last month. Others who have done the latest TikTok dance trend were Joe Jonas, Jenna Dewan, and Bretman Rock. The single will appear on Lizzo’s upcoming album, “Special,” which will release on July 15th. 

Gwen Stefani Says Blake Shelton Helped Her Embrace Her Feminine Style More Than Ever 

During a recent interview with Vogue during the Met Gala earlier this month, Blake Shelton’s wife Gwen Stefani said meeting the country singer and fellow “The Voice” judge helped her embrace her feminine style more than ever. 

“I think ever since I met my husband, that part of me has really come out in my fashion more than ever,” Stefani stated. “The femininity that I didn’t really embrace for a lot of years. Just because of being in a band with all guys and being on stage.”

Gwen Stefani further explained that fashion and makeup, to her, are an extension of everyone’s personality. “And who were are at the time and who we want to be.”

While speaking about being able to work with Vera Wang, who designed her wedding dress, once again, Gwen Stefani shared, “This is in line with this amazing chapter of my life. Getting married, being able to work with [Vera] on the wedding dress. And now this,” she said showing off her green dress. “When I saw the dress in real life, the sketch came to life. It was exactly what the sketch looked like.”

Gwen Stefani then spoke about how she did her own makeup for the big event. This was due to her makeup artist having an emergency. “I was a makeup artist myself back in the day. That said to me, ‘Get in the seat and do your makeup, Gwen Stefani. You have this new makeup line, you’re at The Met, and you’re in New York for the first time in forever. Luckily I brought my kit!”