WATCH: ‘TODAY’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of Savannah Guthrie Introducing Maren Morris to a Superfan

by Megan Molseed

When country music star Maren Morris stepped off the stage with Today Show host Savannah Guthrie Thursday morning to meet a superfan, she had no idea how heartwarming the moment would become. And, fans of both the Today Show and Morris fans alike, just cannot get enough of Morris’s conversation with superfan, Lily.

Today Show Host Savannah Guthrie Introduces Maren Morris To One Of Her Superfans

On Thursday morning, Maren Morris visited the Today Show, performing some of her most popular hits. However, the 32-year-old singer took a break between performing these hits to join one superfan named Lily in the audience.

“@savannahguthrie introduces @marenmorris to Lily,” notes the recent Today Show Insta post.

“[A]n amazing young fan from New York,” the message adds. “[W]ho sang along with all of the hit-maker’s songs from her spot in the front row. The post also includes the hashtags, #MarenMorrisTODAY#CitiConcertSeries.”

As the touching clip begins, Savannah Guthrie leads Maren Morris off the stage and down the stairs toward the audience.

“There’s a little girl in the front row singing all your songs,” the anchor says as she brings Morris to Lily.

“Lily is blind,” Guthrie adds as she introduces the pair. “[B]ut boy, can she hear you.”

Fans Are Loving The Moment Morris Meets Her Superfan During A Today Show Appearance

It was a wonderfully sweet moment as country singer Maren Morris and Lily connect as the singer takes a break in between songs. A moment, one Today Show viewer says, that shows just how kind the country music artist is to her fans.

“I was watching this morning and that was so beautiful when you spoke with Lily,” the viewer comments in the Insta post.

“You truly are a beautiful soul Love all your songs,” the fan adds, ending the comment with three pink heart emojis.

“This was a true fan,” another fan writes, while also giving Morris some credit, noting the singer is “a true entertainer.” This fan is also thinking the heart emojis are perfect for the message adding a series of six red hearts followed by three hand-clap emojis.

“How amazing,” another viewer writes in the Insta comments.

“[Y]ou made Lily’s day so awesome this morning!” the commenter exclaims. “She will not forget for a very long time.”

“That was a [tear-jerker]!!” notes one Today Show fan of the touching moment. “So precious of Marin Morris!”

“This is so sweet,” adds someone else in the comments. Adding “Maren Morris [you’re] a beautiful soul.”