WATCH: Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph Takes Nasty Spill, Slices Knee on Stage During Show

by Samantha Whidden

On Tuesday (August 30th), Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph reportedly took a nasty fall during the group’s performance in Cleveland, Ohio. 

According to TMZ, after Tyler Jospeh jumped off a platform to run across the stage, the singer ended up slipping and crashing into an elevated part of the stage. The bandmate was seen in a backstage photo icing his leg following the performance. 

However, there was a reason behind the incident occurring on the stage. Josh Dun admitted on Twitter that he, in fact, dropped a drumstick during the show. Something he doesn’t usually do. He said Tyler Jospeh ended up finding the stick a little too late. He ended up twisting his ankle and slicing his knee open.

Meanwhile, despite the hiccup on stage, Tyler Joseph managed to get a good laugh about his injury. The band retweeted an edited version of the fall, which included sounds of shoes squeaking on the floor as Joseph was seen falling over. 

Meanwhile, Twenty One Pilots is continuing its The Icy Tour. The next tour stops include Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, D.C.; and Charlotte, North Carolina. The tour will wrap up at the end of September in Seattle, Washington. 

Twenty One Pilots Frontman Tyler Joseph Reveals the Hardest Part of Pleasing Fans 

While speaking to Alt Press at the end of 2021, Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph spoke about what was the really difficult part of pleasing fans. 

“People want to get out from where they’re from,” Tyler Joseph explained. “And I think Josh and I were really fortunate in the way that we were raised, in the families we were born into.”

With a good upbringing, Tyler Joseph stated that he wants to try to be a good example for fans. “Josh and I are the eldest siblings in our families. We both come from a family of four and we’re the oldest brothers in both of our families, and so I think that [comes] naturally.”

However, there are some stressful moments with that mindset. “It’s a push and pull,” Tyler Joseph continued. “I want to go to social media to interact with our fans, to be that example. Our fans have done so much for us. Sometimes I feel like I owe them at least to get on here and tell them about the life that they’ve given me. They deserve it. But it’s hard to negotiate with my happiness. It’s still something I’m working on.”

In regards to his music process, Tyler Joseph admitted he prefers to write his songs alone. “You just can’t co-write a song with a story behind it that is as deep as some of the stories I’ve fallen in love with. There’s something also very powerful about being able to say, ‘Hey, this is me.’ If this fails, it’s me.”