Why Miranda Lambert ‘Had Given Up’ on Winning Entertainer of the Year

by Jonathan Howard

It might have taken far too long, but Miranda Lambert finally earned her ACM Entertainer of the Year award this year. Something she’s been seeking for most of her career. The country music star has been a force for more than ten years. And, arguably, was overlooked for this award in the past. Thankfully, Lambert didn’t quit and kept at it. She’s produced some of her best work in recent years.

While talking to Esquire in a recent profile, the singer-songwriter reflected on earning the prestigious award. It’s hard for women to break through in country music, even today. There are a lot of men in the industry dominating the space and it takes a lot of work to stand out in that crowd. Not to mention, only the best of the best are nominated for the award and that competition is hard to win against.

For Miranda Lambert, it was almost a dream that wasn’t realized.

“To be honest, I had given up a little bit on winning Entertainer [of the Year] because females win so few and far between – and not just because of the female thing, but because all the winners pretty much deserve it,” she explained. “I had a few years when I really felt like I worked my ass off, like I might have deserved it, but it’s not something you just win out of the blue. It’s your peers going, you did it big this year.”

While she has won dozens of awards, it didn’t feel like something she could win. It takes a special year of new music and great performances on the road and on TV. Also, it means you can move an audience. Command crowds. So, what exactly stopped her from winning before? There were many lessons learned, though.

Miranda Lambert Learned to Embrace Family

There have been many artists that have gotten sucked into the industry. Some forget what’s important in their lives and it can lead to some tough lessons learned along the way. In recent years, Miranda Lambert has gone through a lot of changes. She’s put out a lot of great music and seems to be taking the next step in her career.

“I’ve learned that I’m a so much better friend, daughter, wife, I’m a better artist. I just am better at life when I give myself a little break,” she said. Since then, she, “Spending a lot more time doing life stuff with my husband and my friends and family has been super high on the priority list.”

Through it all, Miranda Lambert has evolved. In her carer and in her personal life, apparently. That’s something that we all wish we could do in our professional and private lives. You can hear it in her music and see it in her performances. Whatever is next for Lambert, surely she’s going to do great.