Why Randy Houser is ‘Boycotting’ TikTok

by Jonathan Howard

In case you haven’t noticed, the music industry has a bit of a TikTok obsession. Country music singer Randy Houser isn’t having it, though. A lot has been said in recent months by various artists. Major labels are starting to ask a lot of their artists. Not just writing music and doing all the things that artists have done for decades, but also marketing yourself online and becoming an influencer.

While it sounds like something artists would be good at, almost second nature, that isn’t true. Social media influencing isn’t the same as writing good, quality music. So, Houser just doesn’t want to participate. Instead of giving in to the trends and things, he’s doing it his own way.

Engaging with fans, making announcements, posting tour and show highlights. The usual. But you won’t see him doing any sort of dance routine or trying to create the next viral moment on the app. He’s just here for the music.

“I do like making movies and all that, but there’s enough on our plates to be able to create music, and then all of a sudden you gotta be a TikTok Star for any of that to count? No,” Houser explained to Taste of Country Nights. “That’s not true. That’s a bunch of s**t you’re getting sold because your label is too lazy to make you a star or get your music done. They’re trying to take the easy way out and press you to do something else. Sorry.” He wasn’t mincing words.

Last month, Halsey’s viral video talking about her label forcing her to make TikTok moments made its way to Randy Houser. He was not feeling it at all.

@realrandyhouser #stitch with @halsey I’m not doing it either… #randyhouser #countrymusic #halsey ♬ original sound – Randy Houser

Houser would go on to say that he is “boycotting” TikTok during that podcast interview. So, it seems like the funny videos are going to be on hold for a while.

Randy Houser Does Post on TikTok

It makes sense that Randy Houser feels this way about TikTok. With his own label, Magnolia Records, he doesn’t have to do the same things many other artists have to do. But he’s a creative dude, so he has posted on the social media app. Like I said though, he isn’t doing dances and things like that.

@realrandyhouser I’m Workin’ Man! #RandyHouser #WorkinMan #newmusic ♬ Workin’ Man – Randy Houser

No dances, no jingles, nothing like that. Just some jokes, highlights, and some looks at what he’s got going on in his life. That’s what you’re going to get on his profile.

With the boycott on, will his TikTok page just turn into an empty profile? A ghost town in the social media sense? It’s been a week since the singer-songwriter posted his last video. In it, his single “Workin’ Man” plays as Randy Houser himself watches some hardworking folks and farmers. But, it’s been crickets since. Who knows if he’ll ever go back.