Why ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Didn’t Use Kenny Loggins’ Re-Recorded Version of ‘Danger Zone’

by Megan Molseed

If there’s one thing Top Gun: Maverick filmmakers know well it’s that there is no sense in messing with a classic. This was exactly the stance they took when deciding on how to bring back a favorite tune in the recently released film. This, of course, is the iconic soundtrack song that has become synonymous with Top Gun: Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone.

Is it 1986 again? Right now, Top Gun: Maverick is blowing away audiences, pulling in some record-breaking box office numbers. And, the 1986 hit song featured in the film, Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone is climbing the charts. And, audiences are treated to the OG sounds of the hit when screening the film, too. This comes after Maverick filmmakers decided to stick with what works; choosing not to use a re-recorded version of the hit in the new film.

Top Gun: Maverick Sticks To The Original “Vibe” Featuring The Orginal Soundtrack Version Of the Kenny Loggins Classic, Danger Zone

According to Kenny Loggins, he tried to update the original soundtrack hit. This, the musician says, was to bring the song into the new millennium. Updating the hit with “better audio and sounds.”

However, the Top Gun: Maverick filmmakers only wanted the original sound. Hoping to bring the 1986 vibe back to the big screen.

“I tried to do a re-recording where it was sounded, if not exactly like the original, as close as possible,” Kenny Loggins tells Variety of the Top Gun soundtrack classic. “But with better audio and sounds.”

After Nearly Four Decades Danger Zone Still Hits the Same

Loggins explains that the reason he tried to do this was simply to update the original sound of the hit song. After all, it was recorded nearly four decades ago.

“That was 36 years ago and the audio had only gone so far,” Loggins says of the original Danger Zone song.

“It was recorded at Musicland Studios so it was well-recorded,” the singer adds. “But it would have had a lot more punch if I could have done it in 5.0.”

Loggins notes that the Maverick filmmakers “wanted to keep it reminiscent of the first Top Gun.” He adds that by doing this, they are able to “set that mood right from the beginning,” of the hit film.

The 1986 Soundtrack Hit Could Have Been A Very Different Song

The Kenny Loggins hit Danger Zone found record-breaking success when the Top Gun soundtrack shot to number one on the charts. It eventually became the biggest-selling movie soundtrack of all time. However, Loggins wasn’t always slated to perform the hit for the film.

Giorgio Moroder composed the hit and writer Tom Whitlock put the words to the music. Prior to Loggins adding his own ideas to the hit, other big names were tapped to perform the soundtrack piece, including REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin. However, Cronin was unable to hit the high notes. Sure, we love REO Speedwagon…but Danger Zone wouldn’t be the same without Loggins’s iconic sound!