Willie Nelson Trends on Twitter Amid Heated Political Debate Online

by Shelby Scott

A July 4th celebration quickly turned to tragedy in Highland Park, Illinois on Monday when a mass shooting took place during the community’s Independence Day parade. As a result of the shooting, seven people have died. Now, days after the attack, country music icon and longtime marijuana advocate Willie Nelson has begun trending on social media as various political figures have issued claims that the Highland Park shooter’s weed use could, in some aspect, be to blame for the attack.

According to Newsweek, the 22-year-old suspect has been charged with seven counts of murder following Monday’s shooting. Amid debates surrounding gun control laws, the outlet stated Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has blamed the gunman’s “alleged” marijuana use as one of the factors leading to the shooting.

The shooter was “a frequent cannabis smoker,” she claimed, adding that weed “affects everyone differently. Some people thrive on it. Some people do well on it…but for some people, it actually causes psychosis, which absolutely could be the case [in Monday’s shooting].”

The outlet stated Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham also attributed the shooter’s violent behavior to marijuana use.

In response to the previously debunked claims, social media is firing back. Alongside Willie Nelson, Twitter is also citing well-known cannabis users including Snoop Dogg and Cheech & Chong. See what they have to say below.

Despite Marjorie Taylor Greene’s claim that weed is to blame for Highland Park’s July 4th mass shooting, plenty of people continue to argue against her. Many have cited the peaceful nature of Willie Nelson’s concerts and his overall demeanor.

One of the most popular tweets circling online reads, “If weed causes mass shootings how come I’ve never heard of Snoop Dogg shooting up a school, movie theater, church, club, parade etc???”

In response, more than a few country music fans have tweeted back, “Or Willie Nelson.”

Another Twitter user humorously responded to the claim connecting weed to U.S. shootings. They wrote, “Willie Nelson is 89 years old. If marijuana is a gateway to mass murder it’s running out of damn time.”

Another Reason Why Willie Is Trending on Twitter

Willie Nelson has also begun trending on Twitter for a secondary reason. Over the weekend, the iconic musician brought Texas governor hopeful, Beto O’Rourke, on stage in Austin. Together with the latter’s son, they performed together during a July 4th picnic. The collaboration saw mixed responses.

“This is the kind of America I want to live in,” one Twitter user wrote. Another said of Beto O’Rourke, “Endorsed by Willie, what more do you need.”

In contrast, another user posted, “I didn’t know Willie had lost his way, but apparently…” followed by another Tweet that read, “Just sold my Willie Nelson stock.”

As the political debates ensue, it will definitely be interesting to see how Willie Nelson goes on trending from here.