Wolf Van Halen, Valerie Bertinelli Slam ‘Heartless’ Documentary About Eddie Van Halen’s Death

by Emily Morgan

Wolfgang Van Halen isn’t keeping his lips sealed about the upcoming TV documentary special about the death of his father and rock music legend, Eddie Van Halen

According to Wolfgang, the impending documentary is “pathetic and heartless” and wishes nothing but ill-will to those who created it and those who tune in. On Twitter, the rocker aired out his grievances about the documentary, saying that it was “disgusting” that people were “trying to glamorize someone’s death from cancer.” 

The 31-year-old’s outrage was in response to a tweet publicizing the premiere of “Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Eddie Van Halen,” an episode of the ongoing series “Autopsy: The Last Hours of…”

In addition to Wolfgang, his mother and Van Halen’s former love, Valerie Bertinelli, couldn’t help but comment about the event. She responded with her own tweet, “Good Christ, this is disgusting.”

An official description of the show promises: “If caught early Eddie’s disease had reasonable survival rates, so what exactly happened? Now renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter will analyze every detail of his life in order to piece together what else may have been going on in his body, ultimately leading to his untimely death.” 

The synopsis also noted, “a darker undercurrent that would plague Eddie throughout his life” and hints at his various stints in rehab. The Realz Channel’s Twitter account is currently garnering some criticism from Van Halen fans. Their most recent retweet about the show has plenty of replies that slam the doc. 

“Hard pass .. let him RIP.” “I for one (am) waiting for ‘Autopsy: The Death of Reelz Channel’ more than anything,” one user wrote. “You pigs. Just blocked your channel from my cable box.”

Wolfgang Van Halen fondly recalls playing tribute song for his father

For Wolfgang, he can’t help but have a personal connection to the documentary. In addition to being Van Halen’s only child, he also played bass alongside his father in the iconic band from 2006 forward. Sadly, Van Halen died in October of 2020 at 65.

Since his father’s death, Wolfgang has stayed busy as a solo artist. In 2021, he released an album, Mammoth WVH, which included the song “Distance,” which was a tribute to his father. The heartfelt track was later nominated for a 2022 Grammy for best rock song. 

During an interview, he revealed that he played the song for his father before he passed away. “He cried when he first heard it,” he said. “It was a really special moment that I’ll never forget.” 

He also spoke about the music video for the song, which he released last summer. “I wanted to show what an amazing father he was, and not just the guitar player everyone thought. … It was important for me to show that human side, which no one could imagine after he’d reached this sort of deity status. At the end of the day, we’re all just people, man.”