Zac Brown Reels in Absolute Monster Fish in New Photo: ‘Been a Good Week’

by Leanne Stahulak

Before hitting the road again for The Comeback Tour, Zac Brown is spending some time outdoors, enjoying the finer things in life.

Like fishing and making some fantastic catches. The lead singer of the Zac Brown Band took to Instagram earlier today to share his haul with followers and fans. It’s a massive fish, spanning at least 20 inches. While Brown didn’t say where he went fishing, he did reveal that his next stop this coming weekend will be Boston. He even wore a Boston Red Sox hat in the pic.

“Been a good week #OutInTheMiddle,” the Zac Brown Band member captioned his post, along with a fishing emoji. “Now onto the weekend. Fenway, I’m coming for ya!”

Several fans took to the comments to compliment Brown on his impressive haul. “That’s a mighty catch,” one person wrote. “Nice!!! I know Fenway will be amazing,” another fan said. “Jesus!!! You even fish like a rockstar!” someone else commented.

Check Out Zac Brown Band and Cody Johnson’s Newest Song

On September 30, country music fans can dive into the latest album from the Zac Brown Band, “The Comeback Deluxe” album.

The band released “The Comeback” last fall, after two years of no new music. This “deluxe” version includes new hits and collaborations with artists like Cody Johnson and Blake Shelton. As of June 22, you could listen to Shelton and the Zac Brown Band’s “Out in the Middle,” which will appear on the new album.

And as of today, Friday, July 15, you can listen to their Cody Johnson mashup as well. The song “Wild Palomino” dropped on streaming services earlier today, and you can also listen to a clip of it below.

“’Wild Palomino’ feat. @codyjohnson is available everywhere now!” the Zac Brown Band’s official Instagram account wrote in a new post. “Plus, #TheComeback Deluxe drops Sept. 30th. Pre-order/pre-save the complete 21-song project at the link in our bio.”

Both “Wild Palomino” and “Out in the Middle” combine the best of many great country music styles. You can definitely pick up vibes from the Zac Brown Band and Johnson in today’s latest hit, and Shelton shines in “Out in the Middle.” When the new single dropped last month, Shelton tweeted out a message for fans and the band itself.

“Thanks for having me on this one @zacbrownband!!!!! If y’all know what’s good for you, go stream #OutInTheMiddle now!!!” Shelton wrote on Twitter.

Fans quickly took to the comments to talk about how much they loved the new songs and can’t wait to hear more on the album. For more info, keep an eye on the Zac Brown Band’s social media pages.