Zach Bryan Says He Has ‘Weird’ Taste in Music, Reveals His Favorite Artists From Military Days

by Jonathan Howard

In case you didn’t know, Zach Bryan doesn’t mind sharing his mind on social media. Like his musical taste and inspirations. The country music singer is all over the place nowadays. If he isn’t playing a show in front of thousands with guys like Jason Isbell, he’s probably writing songs. Or, he’s thinking about those bands and groups he used to listen to as a younger man.

In case you thought you knew what Bryan’s favorites were, think again. This list is a pretty solid one with a little bit of this and that.

“[W]eirdly enough the only people I ever actually to a lot growing up and on deployments were [Bon Iver[, [Turnpike Troubadours], [Jason Isbell], [Kings of Leon], [Gregory Isakov] and Ben Howard. People ask me all the time and I’m so weird with my taste I never know how to answer hahahahah,” he tweeted.

When one reply simply said, “Drake,” Zach Bryan had to make an addendum. “Damn I guess when I said this I was thinking more inspiration and songwriting forgot the biggest of them all.” So, add the world’s biggest rapper to that list as well.

Whatever he’s doing with his inspirations and things, he’s doing something right.

For Bryan, he’s living out his dreams after playing with Jason Isbell at the Palomino Festival. He’s just getting started, too. Oh, and don’t forget, we’re just days away from another brand new album from the songwriter. As if dropping a 34-track project wasn’t enough, he had to go and throw out eight more songs.

Zach Bryan Stays Prolific, Will Release New EP on July 15

There probably isn’t anyone out there that is doing it quite like Zach Bryan. His songwriting skills are through the roof and he has a seemingly endless supply of tunes. To make things harder on his fans, he’s also the king of the teaser on social media. A little clip here, a snippet there, and then the song releases…eventually. With American Heartbreak in the rearview, Bryan hopes to deliver once again.

The new EP is going to be titled Summertime Blues and features a track of the sea name, at least. Bryan has teased more than a few new songs since his last album release and we expect to see some of those tracks on this new project as well.

Zach Bryan continues to spoil his fans. No other artist is putting out as much music as he is, and no one is doing it quite like he is doing it. From the Navy to the studio, I’m sure that the singer has had quite a few pieces up his sleeve for a few years. Now he’s getting them all out there for fans to hear. We just have to wait until the end of the week, Outsiders.