Zach Bryan Hints Singles Are ‘Coming’ After Dropping New EP

by Emily Morgan

Zach Bryan is quickly coming up in the country music scene. If you don’t know, Bryan is a damn good singer-songwriter from Oklahoma. With a voice that could make even the most hardened men shiver, Bryan’s unapologetically himself, and lately, we can’t get enough of his music. In addition, according to Bryan, there’s even more new music on the way. 

Not even 24 hours after he released his new EP, Summertime Blues, the 26-year-old revealed via Twitter that he’s got new singles coming. 

There’s no question that Bryan has been grinding. Just look at his recent catalog if you don’t believe us. This year alone, the singer has released an EP, a 34-song album, and various singles. Yet, he proves he won’t skimp on quality despite the quantity; Bryan’s grit shines through in his voice and work ethic. 

As aforementioned, he recently released American Heartbreak, which is now one of the year’s best country albums. With a whopping 34 songs, the EP is a direct testament to his blue-collar nature, a theme that often comes up in his lyrics.  

Although the EP is long, you’ll never be ready to turn it off— it’s easy listening at its most refined. Despite gifting his fans with a new, massive catalog, he’s far from slowing down. Less than two months after he released American Heartbreak, he’s returned with nine more songs on Summertime Blues

Funny enough, the new EP is longer than some other artists’ full-length records. But, the EP’s length is validated, considering Bryan’s natural tendency to be such a good storyteller. It makes us wonder how someone so young can sign about concepts that usually take someone decades to unearth and flesh out. 

It won’t be ‘Quittin’ Time’ for Zach Bryan anytime soon

He even surprised us as his songs that sound carefree at first listen are full of layers, depth, and powerful metaphors. Now, he’s finally getting the attention he so rightly deserves.

American Heartbreak made the second-highest streaming country album debut in history, breaking the 2022 record for single album streams in 24 hours. As a result, it pushed Bryan well past 1 billion streams worldwide. 

Yet, we’re far from surprised, considering the authentic quality he brings to his voice, lyrics, and arrangement. 

The Navy veteran sings about the good-hearted nature of the working class in songs like the EP’s opener, “Quittin’ Time.” He later tells a painfully sweet story about the one who got away on “Oklahoma Smoke Show;” and delves into the frustrations of love gone wrong on “All The Time.”

His single “Something in the Orange” peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot Country charts and was the No. 18 global streaming track overall. 

Later, “From Austin” grabbed the No. 1 Country Song on Apple Music, debuted at No. 4 on Spotify’s Global Country chart, and garnered over 37 million streams.

It’s safe to say we’ll anxiously await whatever Bryan has to give us. In the meantime, check out his latest EP, Summertime Blues, below.