VIDEO: Zack de la Rocha Wrecks Leg Mid-concert, Finishes Show and Is Eventually Helped off Stage

by Samantha Whidden

What a tumble! During Rage Against the Machine’s show at the United Center in Chicago on Monday (July 11th), frontman Zack de la Rocha wrecked his leg while performing.

According to TMZ, Zack de la Rocha and the rest of the Rage Against the Machine crew were four songs into their set when the singer began hopping on one leg while running across the stage during the rock music group’s number “Bullet in the Head.” 

Although he was significantly injured, Zack de la Rocha attempted to shake it off. He eventually sat down on nearby equipment to continue the show. The musician randomly stood up a few times but had to sit back down quickly. Eventually, a few members of the crew brought in a walking boot for de la Rocha. However, he rejected it and just continued to perform on one of the band’s equipment. The media outlet further reports that it was unclear exactly what caused the mishap. But a past serious ankle injury could be the cause. 

As the band finished the show, the group’s members hugged de la Rocha before he was carried off the stage. No details or updates have been revealed about the frontman’s injury at this time. The rock band is scheduled dot perform again at the United Center on Tuesday (July 12th). The group will then head to Canada this weekend for Ottawa Bluesfest and Festival D’Ete of Quebec. 

Rage Against the Machine Guitarist Tom Morello Dubs Zack de la Rocha as ‘The Great Frontman of All Time’ 

During an appearance on REVOLVER’s “Fan First” podcast in October 2021, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello described his bandmate, Zack de la Rocha, as the “greatest frontman of all time.”

“He’s the punk rock James Brown,” Morello stated. “There’s no one in the history of western music that has the sort of totality of spiritual commitment onstage and in the studio as that guy.”

Morello then said that de la Rocha’s talent is matched with brilliant intellect. “He’s a tremendous musician as well, and it’s really an unbelievable combination just, feel fortunate to be in a band with him.”

Along with praising de la Rocha, Morello spoke about the late Chris Cornell, who he performed with in Audioslave. “The thing that is one of his great gifts, on top of his startlingly good looks, and hair, and eyes, and all that stuff. You’re like, ‘Are you magical? You’re like a magical being!’ Blessed in so many ways, and a lovely dude.”

Morello went on to add that Cornell had the ability to craft melody out of the ether. “And I remember making the first [Audioslave] record with Rick Rubin. And Rick’s like, ‘You don’t understand how lucky you got. I work with a ton of vocalists and it’s difficult to make a great melody. And this guy is just throwing them right and left!’”