‘Mythbusters’ Alum Kari Byron Goes ‘Kayaking With the Queens’ in Awesome Pics on the Water

by Kati Michelle

Television host and “Crash Test Girl” Kari Byron drew in a following for her time on the hit Discovery series “Mythbusters.” Though she’s moved on from the show, the artist/sculptor turned model-maker and prototyper continues to use those same skills on a lifelong journey of learning. Of course, “all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy.” We’re not entirely sure who Johnny is, but the sentiment remains true nonetheless. Everyone needs a day off every now and then.

On her days off, it looks like Kari Byron enjoys venturing outside like the rest of our staff and readers. It’s something Outsiders have known all along: you just can’t beat fresh air and natural sunlight. The star’s most recent Instagram post shows off a day of “kayaking with the queens” celebrating someone’s birthday straight from the water. The photoset couldn’t have captured a more perfect day.

Coming to You From California

Here’s the photoset that Kari Byron shared with her 253k Instagram followers. It proudly shows off her friends, their bright yellow kayaks, and even a special little visitor in the last snap. Check it out:

If you made it to the last snap in the photoset, you got a cute little surprise in the shape of a seal living out its best seal life. Actually, you can spot him in the background of several of the photos if you look closely enough.

As usual, the “Mythbusters” alum interacted with several fans in her comment section.

@craftyintrovert wrote Byron a message hoping to get some location suggestions so her own family could go kayaking, too. “Where do you kayak in the bay area,” the fan started their comment. “We are down there often and I would love to bring my kayak for some change of scenery.”

Byron replied with two different Californian locales that she frequents: Sausalito and Alameda. If you’re geographically challenged or haven’t heard of either of the two cities, it might help to know that Sausalito is situated near the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

What’s Next for ‘Mythbusters’ Alum Kari Byron

First and foremost, Kari Byron’s guest spot on “Jay Leno’s Garage” officially drops in just a couple of days. So, set your reminders for Wednesday, November 17th at 10 pm ET/PT on CNBC.

Secondly, it looks like Byron just grabbed lunch with another well-known Science TV host, Justin Shaifer. Featured on Forbes, Variety, and ABC, the STEM leader travels the world in the name of “making science, technology, and engineering cool.” In her caption, Byron jokes about luring Shaifer to the beach to discuss “crab fishing and sand glass.” Perhaps that means another project in the works?

Check out her photo from their lunch here: