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Nancy Sinatra Celebrates Elvis Presley’s Birthday With Favorite Picture of Her and The King Together

by Samantha Whidden
Nancy Sinatra and Elvis Presley
(Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Celebrating Elvis Presley’s 88th birthday this weekend, Nancy Sinatra took to Twitter to share her favorite picture of her and The King together. 

While reminiscing about her time with Elvis Presley, Sinatra tweeted, “I’m thinking of my dear friend his birthday and wishing he were still here to celebrate with us. This is my favorite picture of Elvis and me. It shows the fun and affection we shared. Oh, God, how I miss him.” 

In the picture, Elvis Presley and Sinatra are seen cracking up laughing while embracing each other. “I wish I could remember what made us laugh so hard,” Sinatra added. 

Although the duo never dated, their relationship was often described by the media as being flirtatious. The two met after her father, Frank, arranged a meeting. They then became friends before starring opposite each other in the 1968 film Speedway. “Elvis was lovely,” Sinatra once explained, per Express. “What a great guy. What a sweet, polite, wonderful man … He treated me as a good friend.”

Sinatra also described the relationship she had with Elvis Presley as always platonic. “His humor was silly and self-deprecating. He made fun of himself which is a very endearing quality to have. We did have fun, that’s for sure…”

Nancy Sinatra Describes Elvis Presley As Being the Funniest Man and Probably the Most Serious Man She’s Ever Known 

While speaking to PEOPLE in 2021, Nancy Sinatra spoke about the close friendship she and Elvis Presley shared over the years. 

“I know he was the funniest man and probably the most serious man I knew,” Sinatra explained about Elvis Presley. “Both people in one. He made me laugh so hard. And at the same time, he would call me late at night to discuss things like the ghetto, and his concern for people in the ghetto.”

Sinatra said she didn’t know how surprising it was for Elvis Presley to have those type of conversations. “People who follow his life probably are aware of sensitivity,” she continued. 

Along with discussing Elvis Presley, Sinatra opened up about how her father Frank was very supportive of her own music career. “There was a time when he went onstage and he’d say, ‘Hello, I’m Nancy’s father,’ because he was so proud of what was happening to me.”

In regards to her life and career, Sinatra went on to add, “I’m blessed to have been here this long. If I can be of help to people, that would be wonderful. I guess experience counts for something.”