NASA Teaming Up With Hollywood To Make Mars Rover Documentary

by Joe Rutland

NASA is putting its good work together with the people in Hollywood to make a documentary based on the Mars Rover. In fact, it might be one way to see how the worlds merge together. Could there really be similarities between the two worlds? That is possible and one of the scientists involved with the Mars Exploration Rover Mission is talking.

“There are way, way more good ideas for movies than there are movies that actually get made,” scientist Steve Squyres said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “And there are way, way more good ideas for space missions than there are missions that actually get selected to fly. With space missions there’s even more money on the line. The time that it takes to make the thing is comparable or maybe longer. And if you fail, you fail big.” Squyres served as the principal investigator for the Mars Exploration Rover Mission.

NASA Helps Bring Work Of Opportunity To Movie Screen

Squyres has family members who work in the world of Hollywood. In fact, reportedly his brother and daughter happen to work as film editors. An Amazon Studios documentary titled Good Night Oppy did premiere at the Telluride Film Festival during the Labor Day weekend. But the film documentary is focused on Opportunity. That happens to be a robot that was sent to Mars back in 2003. It only was supposed to be a 90-day mission but it lasted 15 years. During that time, Opportunity helped to provide a number of images. They would go on to help confirm that water was on Mars. This ends up helping interest around the world rise for space exploration.

You can set up your reminders on your phone or computer for Good Night Oppy. It will be available to see in theaters on Nov. 4 and it’ll come out on Prime Video on Nov. 23. The documentary was directed by Ryan White and happens to rely on a number of different things. It uses archive footage from NASA of that mission’s scientists and engineers. You also will see images from Opportunity and Spirit that were obtained from Mars. Also, look for some photo-realistic CGI of Mars that gets created by Industrial Light & Magic in the documentary, too.

With NASA and Hollywood coming together, it allowed Good Night Oppy to be made. It definitely helped to have cameras as part of the mission. That was unique as it was not done on every single mission. Well, NASA would see the Mars rovers as a way to reach the public with information. Squyres said, “NASA does a lot of complicated things in space and a lot of them are really kind of hard to wrap your head around.”