‘NCIS’ Actor Michael Nouri Also Appeared in ‘New Orleans’ Iteration

by Megan Molseed

He may have been on the receiving end of Beth Dutton’s anger in an episode of Yellowstone, but did you know that a longtime actor played a variety of characters within the NCIS universe?

Michael Nouri first came to NCIS playing a very important player in the CBS drama. This character was also the father of one of the show’s initial main characters.

This NCIS role was one in which the longtime actor revisited multiple times over the years.

However, Nouri also found himself hanging out with the NCIS: New Orleans crew in between his appearances on the original CBS series.

This time, Michael Nouri took on a very different role than the one he portrayed during his initial NCIS run. In the ninth episode in NCIS: New Orleans sixth season, Michael Nouri joined the investigators for a guest-starring role in Convicted. While it seems Nouri’s time on New Orleans was a one-and-done appearance for the longtime actor, his role on the initial series proved to be something quite a bit bigger.

‘NCIS’ Brings Back Nouri As A Regular Guest

Throughout NCIS’s successful run on CBS, Yellowstone actor Michael Nouri starred as Mossad Director Eli David.

Michael Nouri’s first appearance in the popular investigative series occurred in the season six premiere episode which is titled Last Man Standing.

He certainly holds a big role within a major entity. And, Michael Nouri’s Eli David is also the father of one of NCIS’s original characters, Ziva David.

Michael Nouri would make another appearance on NCIS that season. In this episode, Nouri portrayed the same Mossad Director in the twenty-fifth episode of the season. This installment was titled, Aliyah.

In the seventh season of NCIS, Michael Nouri reprised his role as Mossad Director Eli David.

Only this time, he was simply a voice among the actors, in an uncredited role.

In the eighth season of NCIS, Micahel Nouri reprised his role as Eli David two times in back-to-back episodes, Enemies Foreign, and Enemies Domestic.

The premiere of NCIS’s tenth season brought the return of Nouri’s Eli David to the series. However, in this episode which is titled Extreme Prejudice, Michael Nouri yet again reprised the role as an uncredited guest star.

Later, the actor returned to star alongside the NCIS team in the tenth season episode titled Shabbat Sahlom.

Currently, Michael Nouri portrays Bob Schwartz in the wildly popular modern western series, Yellowstone.

In the series, Nouri’s Bob Schwartz was one of the partners in the Salt Lake City, Utah bank Schwartz and Meyer. Among the Schwartz and Meyer employees is Beth Dutton.

Eventually, some bad blood develops between Beth Dutton and Schwartz. She then finds a new position with Market Equities. This puts the scheming Dutton in a perfect position to take down her former bosses.