‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham’s Boyfriend Posts Sweet Pic of Her Growing Baby Bump

by Maggie Schneider

James Badgedale posted a cute selfie with girlfriend and “NCIS” alum Emily Wickersham. The actress shows off her baby bump.

“NCIS” alum Emily Wickersham is towards the end of her pregnancy. The actress has been happily documenting her baby bump for her fans on social media. This morning, her boyfriend James Badgedale is getting in on the action.

In a sweet new Instagram post, the couple is making silly poses. Emily Wickersham lifts up her sweater to reveal her growing baby bump. Her boyfriend looks to be talking (or making crazy faces) to their growing child.

The caption Badgedale chooses are lyrics to “Dublin Blues” by Guy Clark. Clark was a famous singer/songwriter in the 1970s and 1980s. The track must be significant to the couple.

“NCIS” fans are swooning over the couple. They are also congratulating Wickersham on their baby on the way.

“Congratulations. Fantastic ! ❤️❤️❤️ good health to all of you,” one says. “So excited for you guys!” another writes.

‘NCIS’ Star Emily Wickersham Posts Christmas Pics

The “NCIS” star’s boyfriend is not the only one who is happily posting on social media. Wickersham herself is sharing photos of the couple’s Christmas spent together. Her latest post includes three sweet polaroids against a festive background.

Fans are excited to see Wickersham’s baby bump in the top right polaroid picture as well. The “NCIS” star is standing in front of the Christmas tree with a string of lights over her shoulders.

‘Wait… what day is it?!!!” James Badgedale funnily comments on his girlfriend’s post. The couple receives many Christmas wishes from friends and “NCIS” fans.

“Merry Christmas mommy to be enjoy every minute it’s going to be amazing I promise 🎄🎅🤶🏻🥰” one fan writes.

“Xoxoxoox merry Christmas beauty,” model and actress Christine Evangelista comments.

Looking Back on Agent Bishop

Emily Wickersham looks back fondly on playing the role of Agent Bishop on “NCIS.” In a 2018 interview, she talks about her experience.

“I really love it,” she begins. “You know, it has been really fun. I’ve been on the show for five seasons and it is a really awesome job to get to do every day.”

Wickersham also talks about the dynamic nature of Agent Bishop. The actress got to try a lot of things. She most enjoyed the episode where her character went undercover.

“Because my character doesn’t actually get to go undercover that much. And I was actually able to get to play like two other characters in that episode. That is so different than just going into work and doing the regular Bishop stuff week to week. That was a real treat to me.”

While fans miss seeing Agent Bishop on “NCIS,” they are excited to watch Wickersham’s own journey to being a mother.