‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham Bundles Up for ‘Gone Fishin’ Selfie

by Suzanne Halliburton
Bill Inoshita/CBS

While NCIS sizzles on through its 19th season, former star Emily Wickersham is kicking back and enjoying life.

The actress loves to share artsy slices of her life on social media. And Thursday, she posted that she’d “Gone fishin’.” There was no trace of her trip, no fishing tales. She was bundled up in a coat, cap and sweater as she stood in front of a house.

So question, NCIS fans, what’s she trying to tell us?

Wickersham Played NCIS Fan Favorite for Seven Seasons

Wickersham played NCIS fan-favorite Ellie Bishop. But as we know now, Bishop left her NCIS career. She made sure to trash it in the season 18 finale as she leaked highly classified documents to some gun runners. Or that’s what everyone thought. Actually, Bishop was training with Odette so she could go deep undercover with the CIA.

Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) figured out what Bishop really was doing. He tracked her down and confronted her. After all, she was his partner and love interest. The two kissed and Bishop walked away.

Cliff Lipson/CBS

During the NCIS season 19 premiere, Sept. 20, Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) showed up at Bishop’s empty apartment to find a heartbroken Torres there, too. Jimmy had to tell Torres that Bishop already was on a plane and that she’d changed her phone number.

Is Wickersham Teasing a Gibbs Moment with Her Instagram Post?

Maybe Wickersham’s photo was a take-off on what happened last month in NCIS land. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) opted to quit his job and stay in Alaska so he could spend his time with a fishing pole and a serene river. So just like Harmon, Wickersham is gone fishin.’

But Wickersham is doing something much more important these days. She and partner James Badge Dale are awaiting the birth of their first son. The baby is due sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wickersham hasn’t revealed a due date. But in an Instagram post, Dale said Wickersham started her third trimester in mid-September. She looks healthy and relaxed.

Wickersham spent seven seasons on NCIS, so fans do miss her. They also really miss Gibbs. But life moves on, especially on TV. This past Monday’s episode marked the first one with Alden Park (Gary Cole) as special agent in charge. He likes to bring breakfast pastries in the office and is learning some secret details about who is working for him.

Jess Knight (Katrina Law) is the new Bishop. And Parker revealed that Jess was a Division I track star in college. She can use all those skills chasing down the bad guys.

NCIS returns with a new episode this Monday. It’s called Docked. And it should be a fun one. Patricia Richardson, who starred on Home Improvement, will portray McGee’s mother-in-law. She makes a morbid discovery on a cruise ship. There’s a dead guy in the sauna.