‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham Stuns in New Beachside Selfie

by Suzanne Halliburton

As NCIS fans ponder the plot twists of this new season, Emily Wickersham is relaxing at the beach. She looks both happy and mysterious.

Fans still would love to see Ellie Bishop back on the show — Torres really does look so sad without her there. But Wickersham left NCIS last May in the season 18 finale. While Bishop trashed her career to go deep undercover for the CIA, in real life, Wickersham is happy and very pregnant. She’s expecting a baby boy.

Wickersham posted a beachy selfie on her Instagram Monday. You can see Wickersham’s eyes. Her orange sweater is covering the rest of her face. And she’s sporting a black knit cap. The waves are in the background. It looks like a glorious way to pass the day.

Bishop Still Missed On NCIS

There are still hints of Bishop through the first three episodes of NCIS season 19. Some questions were answered in the premiere. She called Jimmy (Brian Dietzen), not Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), to close out her apartment. And she disconnected her cell phone. Torres tried to call her, but he had no luck.

Torres seems intent on giving away Bishop’s desk to NCIS newcomer Jess Knight (Katrina Law). But Knight can see Torres still is pining for Bishop. Knight also is meshing well with others in the office. She went undercover at Sonova Industries and was able to help link some of Paul Lemere’s victims back to the company.

That leads us to Monday’s episode four, Great Wide Open. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray) head to a remote fishing village in Alaska. Lemere is dead. NCIS determined he was a contract killer and Sonova was paying him. Four of his eight victims were a hindrance to the company building a copper mine near an Alaskan fishing village. Lemere left the name of the village as one final clue before he blew himself up. Now, they need to find evidence to support their hunch.

Tune In to Tonight’s Episode to See What Happens with Gibbs

Speculation is this will be Harmon’s final episode with NCIS. He agreed to come back for season 19, but reports suggested he’d be doing only a handful of episodes.

NCIS brought back TC Fornell (Joe Spano) in the second episode this season. Fornell finds Gibbs “You always find some way to justify staying in the hunt. It’s all you do, and for how long, Mr. ‘Who am I without the job?’ … “Chasing bad guys may not be the answer anymore. Hell, it may even be the problem.”

In tonight’s NCIS, Gibbs receives a visit from Ducky Mallard, his long-time friend. Mallard probably heard about the confrontation Gibbs had with Lemere. The killer told Gibbs the two were alike.

 “I worry about you.” Mallard said, “You’ve had to endure a great deal in the last six months.”

Ducky really is worried about Gibbs: “Milestone events such as these, they stack up on each other.” He thinks Gibbs could snap.

“It happens to anyone. Even you.”

Who knows, maybe Mark Harmon will be snapping photos from the beach sometime soon.