‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham Welcomes First Son

by Joe Rutland

Just in time to celebrate the New Year, NCIS alum Emily Wickersham announces that she has given birth to a healthy, happy baby boy.

Wickersham, who played NCIS Special Agent Eleanor Bishop from Seasons 11-18, went on Instagram on Friday. Why? She wanted to tell the world about this news.

Wickersham’s boyfriend is actor James Badge Dale, who has appeared in shows like 24 and movies like Martin Scorcese’s The Departed, The Gray, Iron Man 3, and 13 Hours.

Besides NCIS, Wickersham also has appeared in The Sopranos, The Bronx Is Burning, Taking Chance, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Gossip Girl.

She was a part of the long-running CBS drama until 2021. Obviously, her attention these days is on taking care of her newborn baby.

On the show, Bishop was involved with Agent Nick Torres, played by Wilmer Valderrama. When she left, Bishop and Torres had a moment together that remains firmly entrenched in fans’ memories. Will she come back to the show? Anything, of course, is a possibility.

But it probably will not happen for a long time. After all, Wickersham is going to focus on being a mother and parent.

NCIS continues its season on CBS on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central.

‘NCIS’ Actress Sent Her Congrats To Mark Harmon Upon Him Leaving Show

Just this season, Mark Harmon, who played Leroy Jethro Gibbs, made his exit from NCIS.

His goodbye was both moving and bittersweet. Gibbs said everything he needed to say across the board before leaving for Alaska.

Gibbs leaving the show’s cast is tough. But former NCIS star Emily Wickersham felt every moment of the emotional episode.

“Big congrats to this guy!! what a run!” Wickersham says in her Instagram story.

Wickersham’s Insta story includes a screenshot of an article describing Harmon’s final episodes.

Wickersham’s Character Still Had Some Unfinished Business With Torres

Fans were obviously shocked when Wickersham left NCIS.

Bishop, her character, was heading out to begin an undercover mission. How long would she be gone? No one knew at the time until Wickersham shared her news.

When she left, Bishop had some unfinished business with Nick Torres.

When Valderrama started appearing on NCIS in the series’ Season 14, Torres and Bishop had a connection.

The show’s fans could watch things evolve. They even saw the relationship have a “will-they-or-won’t-they” component.

What will Valderrama do on the show these days? He has signed on to play the famed swashbuckler Zorro in a new series.

So, Outsiders, the reason that she left NCIS was simply that she was expecting her first child. And now, here we are celebrating that moment.