‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham’s Pups Are the Cutest ‘City Kids’ You’ve Ever Seen

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for People's Choice Awards)

NCIS has been on our television sets for over twenty years now. With the amount of time the program has been on CBS, that means a lot of names and faces have come and gone over that time period. One of those names who used to star on NCIS was Emily Wickersham. Wickersham, an alum of NCIS, posted the cutest photo of her pups on Instagram this week.

The simple caption for her two adorable pups dressed up in New York City? Wickersham wrote, “city kids.”

Fans loved the cute pic with one fan writing, “So cute together. Merry Christmas Emily from Sydney Australia.”

Another wrote, “Would not want to mess with these two.”

Emily Wickersham Joins ‘NCIS’

Wickersham joining NCIS was a big deal. Because so much time has passed now, it is easy to forget how big of a deal it was for both Wickersham and the show NCIS. Wickersham opened up about getting the huge role at the time. She said, “I was shocked! By no means was I expecting to get the job. I had learned not to get my hopes up in this business. You can feel like you’ve done such a great job and the powers that be will say, “Nah.” Luckily this one clicked. I think my agents called me and I was probably home, studying for another audition or something. [The french fries arrive at the table.] Are you into ketchup? Are there sweet potatoes in there? I’m really going to go for it with the ketchup.”

Obviously, Wickersham was into the role as she did audition for it, but until you get that cal none of it feels real, as Wickersham illuminated. It was a game-changer for her, as she did not even expect to land a role on the legendary CBS drama.

There was quite the transition, though. This was a different kind of world for Wickersham, and she had to adjust accordingly. She even went to camp to train for the role she revealed, “I had never held a gun in my life, but my character becomes an agent so I had to know how to shoot. The tech advisor took me to the gun range, and I felt like the gun was going to turn around and shoot me, even though I was pointing it away. So I had that training, and I went up to Camp Pendleton—hardcore!—and met with real NCIS agents, which was pretty cool. We also had a Skype meeting with the NSA because my character was an NSA analyst. I was like, “What am I doing here?”

You can watch new episodes of NCIS on CBS along with a variety of streaming services.