‘NCIS’ Alum Jennifer Esposito Looks Back on ‘Days of Tears’ in 2021

by Megan Molseed

Former NCIS star and longtime actress Jennifer Esposito is prepping herself, and her fans for the new year while saying goodbye to 2021 in an emotional and touching Instagram post. And we are here for every single word of it.

In the heartfelt and profoundly encouraging post, Jennifer Esposito shares her thoughts while looking back at the events and lessons that came throughout the year as we prepare to say goodbye to 2021. The former NCIS actress notes that while this last year brought notable challenges to many, it was a year that encouraged growth – and change – for many.

“When looking back on this year- oh the lessons,” Jennifer Esposito writes in her touching end-of-the-year Instagram post. “Beautiful, human, growth in many ways,” the NCIS actress continues. “The pushing boundaries, reaching so far beyond what anyone thought you could attain.”

Esposito then adds that while the year may have been challenging, having a person to trudge through the challenges right along with you makes all the difference.

“Rough days, defeated days and days of tears,” the actress says in the December 28 Insta post. “But if there is just ONE person who is in your corner- you win,” she continues.

‘NCIS’ Star Is Here For All of Her Fans

And, the NCIS actress notes, if any one of her fans doesn’t have a “person” who immediately comes to mind to fill this role, she will gladly take on that important task. Yes, that’s right. Jennifer Esposito has just offered to be our “person” if we need her. And, this just shows how wonderful of a heart the actress truly has.

“If you don’t have that one person- I’m it,” the former NCIS actress graciously offers. “Go out this next year and do YOU,” she continues. “FULLY, COMPLETELY and with ZERO apologies. I’m rooting for you!”

Jennifer Esposito then goes on to share a message to her own “person.” Well, her own “person” as well as the fluffy companion, both of whom the actress says, made the craziness of 2021 a little more manageable.

“Here’s my one,” the actress shares with her Insta followers. “It takes a strong person to be with and support a strong women. And a fluffy dirty dog or two doesn’t hurt.”

An inspirational moment of love and support for sure. But, the actress wasn’t yet done with her moving message of affirmation and encouragement.

“Keep keepin on- all your dreams are totally up to you,” Esposito writes. “Wishing everyone an amazing new year!”

Well, if these aren’t the perfect words to take with us as we say goodbye to 2021 and ring in the new year in 2022, I don’t know what are! Jennifer Esposito has certainly given us some good vibes as we get ready for the brand-new year!