‘NCIS’ Alum Joins Lifetime Christmas Movie About a Montana Ranch

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Duane Henry’s departure from NCIS left so many broken-hearted. Fans loved him as Clayton Reeves, the dapper former MI6 agent.

Henry spent two years with the NCIS cast. His character was assigned to the NCIS International Desk. And spoiler alert — Reeves, the handsome Brit, died.

In fact, the episode called Two Steps Back, was devastating. It ran May 8, 2018. Reeves was murdered while defending Abby. And the episode also was the personal finale for Pauley Perrette, who portrayed Abby since the NCIS back-door pilot on JAG in 2003. Perrette wanted to leave the show, but her character still is alive, somewhere, in the alternate TV world.

Eddy Chen/CBS

But if you’d like to see the charming Henry once again, you can check him out on Lifetime. Yes, Henry can play a spy. He also can be the charming, romantic lead in a Christmas movie. Henry and Melissa Joan Hart star in the heartwarming movie, with a beautiful Montana ranch as its backdrop. Check it out, here.

And here’s the gist of Henry’s new Christmas character. He plays a handsome Brit, who is single with two kids. (The accents may change, but holiday movies like their male leads to be single with at least one kid.)

Hart (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) is the co-owner of the ranch. She’s single and hasn’t had much luck in her romantic life. This, too, is a standard theme for holiday movies on Hallmark or Lifetime. Plus, she also lives on the ranch with her father.

Henry’s character, Mark Aguilar, books the ranch for Christmas week. He’s bringing his kids and their nanny. In the movie, Henry plays a software engineer. We’re not going to spoil it, but the movie is structured like all the other popular romantic cable Christmas stories.

Did You Know? Another NCIS Actor Is In Multiple Christmas Movies

And this isn’t the first Christmas movie for the former NCIS star. He also played the romantic lead in A Gingerbread Romance on Hallmark. The 2018 movie still is in the Hallmark holiday loop. Its next broadcast is set for midnight on Christmas Eve. Click here for how to watch.

Plus, Henry isn’t the only NCIS cast member to dabble in the holiday movie genre. Katrina Law, who was promoted to full-time NCIS cast for season 19, starred in three Christmas movies for Hallmark. Her sister-in-law wrote two of the three.

In promoting his new Christmas movie, Henry also talked about his time with NCIS. And he also chatted about his exit from the show, when fans lost two characters. In the key scene, Clayton and Abby had just finished dinner. A man asked them for spare change. And as Abby tried to help the man, he pulled out a gun. Reeves tried to fight him off, but he was shot twice in the chest.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better exit,” Henry told Parade.com. “As I say all the time, if someone would have asked, ‘How would you have wanted to leave a show?’ I couldn’t have done it any better because I love her so much, she did so much for me. And I still speak to her, we check up on each other.”