‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Shares Snapshot of ‘Joyful’ Musical Christmas

by Shelby Scott

Just like his “NCIS” character Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, actor Michael Weatherly is an expressive and immensely spirited individual. Now, in celebration of Christmas, the “NCIS” alum shared a spirited and joyful snapshot of his daughter Olivia to Twitter. The post captures the young woman busting out her musical skills on her famous dad’s piano.

“Merry Happy joyful music for Christmas!” the former “NCIS” star captioned the photo, his blonde-haired daughter happily pounding away at the keys.

Meanwhile, the comments consisted of a boatload of Christmas well-wishes for the Weatherly family. Fans internationally shared much love for the star.

While we know Michael Weatherly for his iconic “NCIS” role and his character’s obsession with film, Outsiders might not know that the actor also has a passion for music. With that said, one of Weatherly’s followers wrote, “Looks like Olivia is definitely following in Daddy’s music interests! Merry Christmas, Weatherlys!”

Another “NCIS” fan wrote more sentimentally, “Absolutely enjoy every wrong key…They will be the stories to tell at their wedding. Merry Christmas to you all.”

Alongside the above well-wishes for the family came more traditional “Merry Christmas” wishes internationally. Michael Weatherly’s post drew comments from the UK, Germany, and more.

‘NCIS’ Family Extends Beyond the CBS Set

Longtime “NCIS” fans know one of the greatest values we see over and over again across 19 seasons is family. That said, as cast members have departed, that same sense of family extends beyond the confines of the “NCIS” squad room.

Now, just prior to the holidays, Michael Weatherly shared a sentimental post featuring a brief moment from a rerun. It centered on both his own character and that of Timothy McGee actor, Sean Murray.

The throwback post comes from a season nine rerun with a focus on DiNozzo’s father, commonly referred to as “Sr.”

Weatherly captions the post, “This morning with my coffee, tired of crazy news and a shocking lack of understanding in the world, I came across this rerun with Dad (actor Robert Wagner)…and it made me happy.”

He concluded the post with much love to the “NCIS” cast, the recurring actor, and “The Perfect [Sean Murray] of course.”

The actor’s post goes to show just how tight the bonds created on the set of “NCIS” have continued to be off screen, even as popular actors such as Michael Weatherly depart.

Several days later, Murray then responds with a sentimental, “miss you like crazy, my brother.”

While we know the two characters had a strange dynamic on screen, it did often translate to a kind of rivalry b between brothers. And like brothers, years later, it appears they’ve “matured” and are willing to publicly share their affection and admiration for one another.

At this festive time of year, it’s a lovely thing to see some of our favorite “NCIS” stars and alum continue to maintain that family value off screens.